Parents permanently separated from their children

Re: Border policies

MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow feigns tearful outrage, a host of CNN “experts” call Republicans Nazis while pounding the table in rage, and former first ladies pontificate about border policies. Even after a supposedly reputable news publication falsified cover photos on their magazine to depict the president as a heartless brute, do-gooder columnists such as Kathleen Parker defended it as being “iconic — not meant to be taken literally, but as a figurative representation” of, as she put it, America’s “separation abuse.” 

In the midst of this ideological hysteria, President Trump met with a group of parents whose children have been killed by illegal aliens. Several leftwing Democrats immediately panned it as a “photo op.” However, as one of the attendees said, “There are hundreds of thousands who are affected by illegal alien crime, rape, assault, identity theft. These are things that go unreported, unchecked.”

The media downplay such events which conflict with the left’s narrative. But just Google the following names and see what you find: Sarah Root, Matthew Denice, Dominic Durden, Kate Steinle, Marten Kudlis, Grace Aguilar, Kayla Cuevas, Nisa Mickens, Alena Clay, Tyeisha Lacy, Ellie Brant, Grayson Hacking, Genesis Cornejo-Alvarado, Abigail Robinson, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, Kayla Govez-Orozco, Rose Marie Cannon, Tessa Tranchant, Jamiel Shaw, Jr., Josh Wilkerson and Grant Ronnebeck.

What these and hundreds of other American children and young people have in common is that they were all killed by illegal aliens — some drunk drivers, others brutal thugs. American parents have been permanently separated from their kids because politicians have allowed a virtual invasion through our southern border for decades. And yet none of them will be held accountable for any of this carnage! Nor will the purveyors of “sanctuary” cities and states which embolden violations of our immigration laws, thereby, in effect, abetting these horrific crimes and the needless deaths of young Americans.

As one “angel Mom” (a parent of a murdered child) put it, the only way she can see her child is to go visit his grave. 

And yet, since the national “news” media have ceased to be journalists, opting instead to serve as a de facto political action committee supporting the narratives of the Democrat Party, such tragic stories don’t make it onto the pages of left-leaning newspapers. Nor will you see them mentioned in “mainstream” media broadcasts. Where are the tears for American children permanently separated from their parents?

 Vera Cole


By |July 3rd, 2018|

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