The Sheridan Recreation District board voted to make a change at the top during a meeting early last month, removing executive director Richard Wright and indicating the need to move in a different direction. What that direction is has not been clearly defined for the public, but we hope it means strong leadership with an eye on growth.

Sheridan Recreation District programs tend to be immensely popular, so much so that teams struggle to consistently get field time and other times struggle to find coaches. While growth is a good problem to have, it needs a plan and needs to be done within the limits of our facilities. The new director will have to address these issues, and others, before patrons become frustrated and stop participating.

As the recreation district board moves through the hiring process, we encourage you to talk to its members about what you feel the district needs. Is the priority more fields? Is it more coaches? Is it fewer programs, more programs or different programs?

Hundreds of children and adults go through recreation district programs each year. Now is the time to speak up and let them know what you want as the district moves forward.