SHERIDAN — Linda Rundquist, formerly Linda Lee, was sentenced to prison for forgery following a 4th Judicial District Court hearing Tuesday. Rundquist served as the office manager for Lee Metal Works and was married to owner Carl Lee at the time.

From around December 2015 to July 2016, Rundquist used the company’s money for a personal account on, a penny-auction site requiring consumers to purchase bids. She also started a loan with Ondeck Capital, Inc. in October 2015 that held an unpaid balance of $105,718.06. Rundquist also opened and charged to credit cards under Lee Metal Works for personal use. In total, Rundquist spent approximately $235,000 of company funds without permission. Rundquist pleaded guilty to three of eight counts in district court pursuant to a plea agreement offered to the court April 19.

She faced one count of forgery, two counts of theft of identification and five counts of unlawful use of a credit card.

At Rundquist’s sentencing, Judge John Fenn rejected the plea agreement following what Fenn described as a defendant statement with a lack of remorse. Fenn said the court takes into account attitude, body language, impressions and statements and was not ignorant of Rundquist’s lack of remorse for her actions.

The state, through the plea agreement, dismissed five of the eight counts and suggested suspending Rundquist’s prison sentence for supervised probation by paying restitution as quickly and efficiently as possible. Attorney Tony Wendtland is currently working on civil suits related to the case and told Fenn that a set amount of restitution would help him complete his side of the issue in dealing with credit card companies and other financial institutions on behalf of Carl Lee.

Restitution for the three counts totaled $337,832.08. Fenn sentenced Rundquist to three to six years in prison. He suspended counts five and six and instead imposed six years of probation for both counts to run consecutively following completion of the prison sentence.