Sex offender fails to register, seeks treatment bed date

SHERIDAN — A convicted sex offender failed to register and faced a hearing in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday.

The court agreed to sentence Thomas Mines to a split jail sentence until he was accepted into the Volunteers of America Northern Rockies treatment facility for continued use of controlled substances.

The 33-year-old man said he had essentially been incarcerated since he was 12 years old, with enough years out from behind bars to have a family that includes four children. With an extensive criminal history, including two battery charges while incarcerated at the Sheridan County Detention Center, all parties involved agreed Mines would likely be unsuccessful if taken out of jail before heading into treatment.

Mines’ probation officer estimated he would be accepted into the VOA treatment facility by the end of the month or in early July.

The court imposed a split sentence for Mines for 12 months or until he could get a bed date. Upon completing treatment, Mines would continue into probation with added intensive supervision and direction to receive a mental health evaluation and subsequent treatment.

Woman gets probation for May theft

SHERIDAN — A woman received probation in a sentencing hearing Tuesday after she pleaded guilty to two counts relating to theft in Sheridan County during a change of plea May 4.

Heather Dawn Madrid pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit unlawful use of a credit card and accessory after the fact in her change of plea.

Court documents said Shawn Gonzales posed as a William Moody out of California and, accompanied by Madrid, stole a purse and jacket from Jayne Marynik while at a McDonald’s in Gillette March 20. Purchases made in Sheridan County on Marynik’s credit cards exceeded $1,900.

Law enforcement officers obtained video footage of the theft at McDonald’s and purchases made at Walmart, Walgreens and Albertsons. Other purchases in Sheridan County were recorded at AutoZone and a hotel.

In making contact with Gonzales and Madrid, officers found a briefcase that contained identity cards and credit cards for 16 people other than Marynik, as well as tools used to defeat security tags on items for sale at retail stores.

Defense counsel said Madrid was willing to speak to law enforcement about potential domestic violence against her by Gonzales. Madrid no longer has a relationship with Gonzales but told the court contact with him would not be a problem.

Madrid has a criminal history of theft in Arkansas and charges out of Arizona, but said she wants to prove to the court that she is not a criminal.

The court suspended her two- to four-year prison sentence for a split sentence of 102 days with 99 days of credit. Presiding Judge John Fenn said he added the few days in jail to give time for Madrid’s mother to travel from Arizona to Sheridan to help Madrid get settled in temporary housing.

Madrid will continue with three years of probation in Sheridan County.

Cotton refuses to comply with orders, court reinstates probation

SHERIDAN — John Edward Cotton, who recently received three years of supervised probation in Sheridan County for pleading guilty to burglary, was put back on probation after an order to show cause hearing in 4th Judicial District Court Tuesday.

Cotton admitted to four instances in which he did not comply with court orders to follow-up with probation requests for urinalysis tests and community service requirements. The state, represented by Sheridan County Deputy and Prosecuting Attorney Christopher LaRosa, said probation was not going to work with Cotton’s attitude, which reflected that probation was a “bother” to Cotton.

The defense attorney suggested Cotton be placed back on community supervision with a provision for increased intensive supervision. They did not suggest drug court, as they felt it was not the best fit for Cotton.

Cotton took responsibility for his actions and told the court he wanted to get through everything and become a productive citizen. He said that drugs will not be a problem, but alcohol might be a little more difficult to quit.

Judge John Fenn reimposed the three years of probation, starting over, with added intensive supervision.


Two additional suspects arrested in aggravated burglaries

SHERIDAN — Two additional suspects were apprehended and charged with aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary in relation to a house break-in Dec. 8, 2016.

Amanda Larae Leider and Adrian Uriah Broken Rope were arrested on counts related to the home intrusion of John Bocek and the robbery of a truck from My Buddy’s Place in Sheridan County.

Court documents say Gregory MedicineHorse, along with three other individuals, entered the home of Bocek on the morning of Dec. 8, 2016, by shooting the main door, entering and taking guns and cash from Bocek while armed with guns.

One of the individuals used an electrical cord to tie one of Bocek’s hands to his feet to immobilize him while they left.

Later investigations indicated Broken Rope stole the truck from My Buddy’s Place, and all four individuals participated in the robbery of Bocek at gunpoint at his residence in Sheridan County.

A team of law enforcement officers first identified MedicineHorse, who was arrested Jan. 29, 2017, and entered a guilty plea during a change of plea Aug. 31, 2017.

Another was later identified as Roderick PlentyHawk, who was arrested Nov. 22, 2017.

Broken Rope was arrested by Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office deputies June 13 and Leider was arrested June 15.

During her arraignment, Leider pleaded not guilty to both aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary. The court said it would schedule a joint trial for both Leider and Broken Rope and assign both cases to one judge.

The cases are currently split between Judge John Fenn and Judge William Edelman. Counsel estimated the trial will take three to four days.

Leider awaits trial in the Sheridan County Detention Center with no bond.