SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Council voted 4-1 to override Mayor Roger Miller’s two line-item vetoes to the city budget during a special council meeting Monday.

Councilor Thayer Shafer voted against overriding the mayor’s vetoes.

Miller announced two line-item vetoes during council’s regular meeting last week. The first would have eliminated funding for the purchase of fluoride for the treatment of city water, totaling $21,450; and the second would  cut a $2,210.28 salary increase for city administrator Mark Collins as part of a city-wide pay scale adjustment 

Fluoride, Miller argued, was an unnecessary expense and an unresolved issue that should be put to a community vote.

Miller stated that Collins’ pay increase was also unnecessary as the city administrator’s salary and benefits are detailed in the three-year contract he has with the city.

Council chose not to debate the matters or hear from the public on them by calling for a vote on a motion to override both vetoes; council voted 4-2 to close the debate and bring the motion to a vote, with Miller and Shafer voting against the call to question.

Members of the public had signed up to speak during the public hearing, but the call to question closed the hearing.

Miller was frustrated by council’s unwillingness to take up the issues.

“The public won’t hear from the council on these items and that’s what this was all about, was to hear some actual debate and talking on some items that do need to be discussed,” Miller said.

Council will hold a regular meeting July 2.