SHERIDAN — The Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library will no longer allow patrons to drop off old magazines as part of the Fulmer Magazine Exchange.

Fulmer Magazine Exchange started with the intention of patrons dropping off magazines and picking up new ones.

Library director Cameron Duff said it became a place just to drop old magazines, and he found some that dated back 20 years.

The library attempted to get rid of the exchange following the last remodel project with no success.

He received complaints from patrons saying that staff should not remove any of the magazines and the community should be responsible to take them.

“That created more of a trash situation than anything else,” Duff said.

Because of the pile-up of magazines, Duff put up a sign discontinuing the exchange indefinitely, but magazines continued to show up in the area, despite the sign.

In addition to the pile-up of magazines, visitors were also dropping off magazines with more adult-related content.

Duff said he asked library patrons pushing for the program to continue how they would suggest the library address the issues it was causing. 

Responses ranged from forcing staff to monitor the exchange each hour to having volunteers monitor the pile. Only one of the seven people Duff spoke with offered to volunteer and keep the exchange organized. Another option was to not allow children in the coffee shop — where the exchange pile is located — to avoid having them view adult content.

“I don’t think anyone came up with a viable solution, and the challenge is what do you do?” Duff said.

Duff also said he removed the coffee machine that had been out of order for a year from the room and received no complaints but still received several about the magazine disposal.

Since the library discontinued its exchange, The Hub on Smith has been inundated with magazines at its exchange. Duff said personnel at The Hub have asked what the library did to resolve the issue.

Library board chair Shannon Anderson reminded the group that most of the titles featured in the exchange were available to check out through the library system.

The library board of trustees voted unanimously to empower staff in its decision to do away with the exchange. If magazines are brought to where the exchange used to be, staff members will dispose of them. The library will no longer accept magazines and has officially discontinued the Fulmer Magazine Exchange.