Mayor Roger Miller has expressed frustration with members of Sheridan City Council, which he says won’t address his concerns regarding the undefined duties and authorities of positions within city government.

Who is in charge, the city administrator, council or the mayor? Apparently, it’s unclear to some.

City council members, as seen in the guest editorial in today’s edition of The Sheridan Press, have expressed frustrations too. They also suggested “that Mayor Miller focus on the bigger issues.”

If anyone within the city’s government — especially at the higher levels — has questions about job duties and authority, our community will not operate at its most efficient level. This is a “bigger issue.” In fact, it’s likely the biggest issue. Without definitions of those things in place, how can city leaders and city staff move forward on issues like affordable housing, economic development, diversification and quality of life?

While the city administrator position is still relatively new, all parties involved — city council, the mayor and city administrator — need to figure it out. Residents of Sheridan expressed confusion and doubt before the council ever voted on the ordinance establishing the city administrator position. Many expressed concern that the elected mayor would lose his voice. Mayor Miller, at least to some extent, has confirmed that fear. The confusion created has caused distrust and a loss of confidence in our leadership. In a time of growth and opportunity in Sheridan, it’s time to get our ducks in a row.