Liberate Canada,
our oldest enemy

Re: New World Order

It is time to end the G7 charade, and declare war on our oldest enemy: Canada. Canada has steadfastly opposed us since the French and Indian War, has seized Detroit, Chicago and our Great Lakes, and finally, burnt George and Martha Washington out of the White House. 

Since then they have smiled, and smiled, and smiled, and stabbed us in the back with their milk and grain trade imbalance. They have welcomed our draft dodgers and deserters, and aligned themselves with our other great enemy, the European Union.

We “share” the longest “unguarded” border in the world. With our abilities to shift reserves quickly on our second to none interstate highway system, we could easily achieve an overwhelming concentration on Canada’s southwestern border. We build the AL-CAN highway for these folks, and it would be a perfect invasion corridor to establish a land bridge with our isolated colony of Alaska. Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia could easily be deported to the east, on the Canadian Pacific Rail Road and the francophone minions of the traitor Justin Trudeau can take care of the final solution.

Besides loyal Americans, even the Democrats should back this proposal. If their cherished myth of “climate change” were true, wouldn’t it be a good idea to annex the soon to be fruitful northern prairies of Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia? Of course, many of the citizens of these provinces are ethnic Americans, yearning for self determination under our rule.

To arms for the New World Order! Remember the sack of Washington! Liberate Canada!

Clay B. Jenkins



History versus ideology

Re: Left’s obsessions

I recently discovered on Direct TV the channel of RT — Russia’s English-language international television news broadcasts virtually run by the Putin government. Had these programs been in Russian, I could have closed my eyes and sworn that they were broadcasts from Leonid Brezhnev’s USSR. The anti-American propaganda on these shows reminded me of the things I had heard during the time I had spent long ago in the Soviet Union.

The left has vacillated between loving and hating the Russians. In the 1980s, the left supported Soviet calls for a “nuclear freeze” (the arms race wasn’t going their way). U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy actually offered to help the Soviets run a public relations campaign in 1984 to depict President Reagan as an obstacle to world peace during the presidential election of that year.

Then there were Barack Obama’s friendly overtures to the post-Soviet Russians, from the ludicrous “reset” button presented to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, to Obama’s accepting Vladimir Putin’s “help” in eliminating Syria’s WMD program. Both were total failures.

Then came the unexpected results of the 2016 election and a shell-shocked left scurried to find scapegoats. Supposedly they were appalled to learn that Putin’s government had conducted “information warfare” in an attempt to “harm our democracy.” Had they looked at history, they would have seen that the Soviets and Russians had been conducting such efforts since 1917. Instead, they’ve spent $17 million funding Special Counsel Mueller’s witch hunt to unearth a non-existent “crime.” They are absolutely fixated on their “Russia got Trump elected” hoax, even to the point of claiming (as one “expert” recently did on CNN) that the diplomatic effort with North Korea was but an attempt to deflect from “the Russia investigation.”

Given my personal and professional background, I am sometimes asked what relevance the now defunct USSR has to today’s Russian Federation. My reply is that if one wants to understand what Putin and his minions are all about, one must look to the society which produced them — the Soviet Union. Apparently the Russian leopards have not changed their spots, nor are they likely to do so anytime soon.

It seems the left’s ideological obsessions and their lack of understanding of history have combined to blind them to reality. They choose instead to flip flop between mutually exclusive positions as to people and places about which they clearly have no clue — in this case Russia.

Charles Cole


By |June 15th, 2018|

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