Seth Ulvestad



Where you work:

Sheridan Recreation District

What you do:

Interim executive director/recreation supervisor

Where did you grow up?


If you attended college, where and what did you study?

Black Hills State University in Spearfish SD. I have a Bachelor of Science, double major in political science and social sciences.

The recreation district has been through a lot lately. How did you land a job there and what do you like most about it?

I was job hunting after I graduated college in May of 2015 and applied for the recreation supervisor job that July. I had worked for the recreation district in high school and for one summer in college as a lifeguard at Kendrick Pool. I think that helped get my foot in the door for the supervisor job, and fortunately Richard Wright had faith in my abilities after the interview. My favorite part of the job is interacting with community members and having the freedom to develop quality programs that represents the needs of our community.

Why is the work you do important?

I think my work is important because it provides quality and positive recreation opportunities for youth and adults. I think it’s great to have a job that pushes for a healthier community.

You’re a pretty active guy. What’s your favorite activity outside of work?

It’s hard to narrow down my hobbies to one favorite activity. I really enjoy trail running with friends, hiking with my wife and our dogs and just spending time in the Bighorns in general. I started golfing in the last year or so and have really enjoyed that too.

I know you’ve been involved in the running club, the Penrose Pacers. Are you doing the Bighorn Mountain Trail Run this summer?

Yes, I am participating in the 32-mile run.

What challenges do you see the rec district facing in the next 10 years and how do you hope to help overcome them?

One of the challenges I believe the rec district will face is a lack of adequate sports fields for youth and adults. It is my hope that through many community partners the Doubleday Sports Complex comes to fruition. Another challenge will be adapting to changing community interests when it comes to community recreation, as a staff at SRD we need to stay up to date on those changes and provide programs such as outdoor adventure and education programs.

What’s one thing you wish Sheridan had that it doesn’t? In-N-Out Burger

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

My wife Kelli Anderson through her support and honesty has inspired me to work hard to achieve our goals. My grandparents Dave and Mary Fisher taught me what work ethic and patience look like. My grandfather Dave has been my best friend since I was a little kid. Art Baures was a teacher, coach and mentor for me in high school that inspired me to go after my collegiate athletic and academic goals and has remained a close friend and role model to this day.

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

“Small Town” by John Mellencamp

Who are your “desert island people”? You know… the ones you’d be willing to be stuck on an island with for an extended period of time?

Probably my cross-country and track teammates from college; we knew how to have a good time.