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Name: Casey D. Osborn

Age: 36

Where you work:

EMIT Technologies, Inc.

What do you do?

Executive director

Where did you grow up?

Big Piney, Wyoming

If you attended college, where and what did you study?

Architectural engineering at University of Wyoming

How did you end up working in your current field?

I am the proverbial Founders kid, my parents started EMIT after I graduated from high school and I came back to work with them after I graduated from UW.

In what ways do you give back to the community?

I believe one of the best ways we give back to the community is through jobs. However, all those great people who work at EMIT help us operate a profitable business and with those profits we reinvest a set percentage back into some fantastic state and local organizations who in turn do great work themselves.

Not everyone thinks of Sheridan as a tech community. Is it? Or could it be?

If it plans to survive, it better be.

Tech means you leverage the tools available to maximize the capabilities of your business. Tech is about scale, tech is about reach, tech is about making a larger impact with less human resources. It doesn’t matter if you are San Francisco or Sheridan, if you want to reach the masses you’re going to have to be able to reach outside of your local community, tech can help make that happen if you are willing to rub a little talent against it.

The great thing about tech is there really are no barriers to entry besides initiative, so of course Sheridan can be a tech community.

What do you think the most appealing thing about Sheridan is for young people?

That it’s not Denver. Young people tend to start and grow families more than older people! So to those people starting and growing their families, Sheridan has great school systems, it has great outdoor activities, it is a vibrant community with diversified professional opportunities and a great climate.

It’s not for everyone, but for those that it works for, there isn’t a better place to be.

What’s your favorite local watering hole?

My back porch.

Who is somebody in Sheridan you look up to? Why?

That’s the easiest question of all, my parents, Casey and Sue Osborn. I stand on their shoulders every day. The way they raised me, the way they work, and the way they live their lives has always been a solid model for me to build from. It is incredibly difficult to make something out of nothing, and they have done it all their lives.

If you could change anything about Sheridan, what would it be and why?

Sheridan can and should think bigger, not in the form of population but in the terms of impact. It’s very easy to build in excuses as to why things aren’t possible but it’s also very easy to try.

People are people, there is no reason why the people of Sheridan are less capable of global impact than people who live in densely populated urban areas.

What kind of impact do you see younger generations having on Sheridan and Wyoming?

Ideally a compounding impact relative to those that have come before us, no need for us to fall back and start from the same place they did, we simply need to build on the successes of those that have come before us.

The younger generation today has the same challenges that the now older generation had when they were our age.

Start where you are, work hard, do your best, make an impact. We simply need to do the first three things well and the impact will come. 

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