Election season has officially gotten underway. You may have noticed the candidates’ signs starting to pop up on lawns across the county. Some big, some small — all hoping to snag your attention and your vote.

Candidates have also been going door to door for weeks now. They chat with neighbors and constituents, all with the aim of answering questions, outlining their positions and, of course, earning your vote.

While the primary election is still a couple of months away, early voting starts in July — just a few weeks from now.

Here at The Sheridan Press, we’ll be talking about issues with candidates leading up to the elections. We’ll focus on a number of hot topics — economic development, upcoming projects and more. 

Our mission here at The Press is to inform and engage our community by creating, producing and distributing exceptional content and trusted journalism.

Some of the races this year are pretty crowded. Eleven folks have entered the race for Sheridan County Commission. Ten have filed to enter the race for governor. We plan to provide you with information about the candidates, allowing you to make an informed decision about you feel is best for Sheridan County and Wyoming.

As part of that effort, The Sheridan Press will sponsor a gubernatorial debate at Sheridan College on June 26. We’re partnering with the college to conduct the debate at the Whitney Center for the Arts. Wyoming PBS will live stream the event and archive it online for those who cannot attend in person or watch live.

So far, eight of the candidates seeking the governor’s office have confirmed plans to attend.

So often, debates of this caliber are held in the southern portion of the state in Laramie or Cheyenne. We felt like it was time to get the candidates to the northeastern portion of Wyoming for an event at which most are present and answering questions.

As part of our preparation for the debate, we’re asking folks from across the state — but especially here in Sheridan County — to submit questions for the debate moderators’ consideration. Let us know what questions you’d like the candidates to answer. Is the economy front and center on your mind? Or perhaps it’s education?

Send your questions to debate@thesheridanpress.com by June 19.

Then, stop by Sheridan College from 6:30-8:30 p.m. June 26 to see the candidates and hear them talk about issues pertinent to our community.