Making some
small businesses rich

Re: Taxpayer support

Rep. Mike Madden, a member of the Revenue Committee, was the guest April 30 on KROE. On the program, he stated this year’s legislated funding for air service for some Wyoming towns was approved for the next five bienniums, which he stated is unconstitutional. 

Madden called the rainy day fund a slush fund without protocol. Both the mineral trust fund and the rainy day fund contributed $42 million for ENDOW and $11 million for the good ideas project.

Madden called this funding the result of group collusion in the Legislature to logroll “economic development” legislation.

Add to this the $333 million, no-bid project for the capitol renovation and the 10-year-old Rawlins prison collapse because the walls on the new prison are falling down.

Wyoming is now paying to house 80 prisoners in Mississippi. It is hard to see any fiscal common sense exercised by the Legislature.

In the May 11 Sheridan Press, Madden commented that the added costs that new industry burdens taxpayers with outweigh the revenues received by the state from these businesses. He is speaking about small manufacturers, data centers, tech companies. These are small businesses promoted by the chamber of commerces, the Wyoming Business Council, ENDOW and the “tax and spend” politicians. According to the Wall Street Journal, April 7-8, 2018, after 1953, a rationale was needed for giving preferential treatment to the small business community. This rationale was the banner of “job creation.”

The journal states, “The narrative of job creation was reinforced by the wave of startups in the tech sector in the 1980s and 1990s. By 2000, no matter how technically primitive or undercapitalized (all new businesses) were being called startups.”

Ask all candidates for Wyoming public office where they stand on giving tax money to some small business owners to make this group rich.

Vicki Taylor



Thank you for help

Re: Community service

To the Big Horn Middle School, Tina Melin and the school counselor (whose name I didn’t quite catch), you did such a super job of aiding your neighbors in Big Horn. I keep running into my shop and garage to admire the cleanliness and organization you brought about. My new bird house has a home and the bushes are trimmed. Hallelujah!

The people I meet while walking in town are all equally thrilled with the help you gave them. You are very much appreciated.

Thank you so much.

Lee Helvey

Big Horn


Senior dog lost, abandoned

Re: Early morning incident

At approximately 2:30 a.m. June 4 our shepherd watch dog began to bark nonstop in the fear/warning mode. Rich got his flood light and went to check only to find a medium-sized black and white hound mix, which has an ulcerated right and is either blind or partially blind crippled up with rheumatoid arthritis, or an injury. It is apparent from the short-haired coat that the collar was recently removed from this “aged dog gentleman.”

Although frightened, he was very gentle and took biscuits and drank from the large bowl I filled for him. He was exhausted and slept for hours in the shade while I called and put a notice of his whereabouts on our local radio morning swap shop and news station. I called the sheriff’s office and also left notice with dispatch as where he could be located if lost and not dumped at our property, as I feel it would have been almost impossible for him to travel ver far considering that someone may have taken him to use for a bait dog and got frightened about being cause so lifted him over our gated driveway as it would have been virtually improbably that he could have gotten in otherwise.

Prior to taking him into the shelter, I wanted to make this known in ate chance that “Trooper,” his temporary name because he is such a dear, is a beloved pet to someone in the area and he is desperately trying to find his way home. My husband and I are both kind and gentle with out animal companions and the last thing we would ever want to do is take a dog that someone has had for at least a decade in to be euthanized possibly because of his age. For someone to never know what happened to their pet, if they are caring people at all, is horrific and emotional trauma.

I am hoping for the best here and someone either calls me, listed in the phone book, or the sheriff. This old fellow may have a lot of miles on him, but I assure you he has the will to live and still has lots of love to give. Please don’t just abandon him if he is yours. He needs his family.


Penny R. Jacobson


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