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Re: Simpson presentation at SC

The enthusiastic welcome for Wyoming’s former State legislator and United States Senator, Alan K. Simpson, indicates the growing desire of ordinary citizens to put their personal politics aside to learn how to fix our political system. We appreciate all the folks who helped make this event possible and those of you who turned out to hear Al explain the need to relieve our political system of the corrupting influence of big money from often-anonymous donors.

Senator Simpson is one of the national leaders of American Promise at work to help establish a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to rid our elections of ever-growing massive donations from giant (and often internationally owned) corporations, unions, and other entities, and return them to the people. 

Nineteen other states have called for a constitutional amendment (including Montana and Colorado) that will declare that corporations are not people and that money isn’t free speech. Because our legislature has neglected to act on this issue, Wyoming Promise volunteers are circulating petitions to get an initiative placed on the Wyoming ballot for November 2020 so Wyomingites can vote on the issue. This is no easy task—especially in Wyoming which requires signatures from 15% of registered voters in 16 of the 23 counties.

This is a citizen-led, grassroots movement, and one of the only true cross-partisan efforts getting strong approval from citizens across party lines and throughout the nation. Despite the accomplishments so far we all have a very long way to go and we need your help! You can access the Wyomingpromise.org web site to learn more, donate, or volunteer. Local businesses that have petitions are: Tarver Law Office, CB Music and Repair, Salon de Beaute, and the Sports Alley. Volunteers will be circulating petitions at most of the major events this summer.

Senator Simpson warns that the job will be very difficult, but urges us all to keep up the effort. In conclusion of his presentation he said “You have nothing to lose but your country.”

Kris Korfanta



Big money influencing
our political system

Frankly, I’d rather get a colonoscopy than knock on your door and ask you to sign a petition; but I’m upset about how big money is influencing our political system and I’m trying to do something about it. I’ve joined a group of folks who believe that corporations and other special interest groups should NOT be able to anonymously donate large sums of money to campaigns and thus influence elections and politicians. We’re called Wyoming Promise, and rather than sit back and complain, we’re taking action. Our goal is to see that our representatives, at both the national and state levels, work only for the citizens of Wyoming and not for corporate donors or special interests. We learned that we need an amendment to our constitution to create this change, and that’s why we’re asking for your signature on a petition. If we get enough signatures, this initiative will go on the 2020 ballot and Wyoming citizens can decide if they agree with us. If they do, we’ll join several other states calling for the amendment.

So when we knock on your door or if you see us at a function, please know that we’re a grassroots, cross-partisan group whose only goal is to improve our political system. We know that this won’t totally solve the problem of money’s influence in politics, but it’s a start. To learn more about this process, go to Wyomingpromise.org, email me (patbrackley@hotmail.com), or visit us on Facebook (Wyoming Promise Sheridan County). We’re a friendly bunch, and we welcome the opportunity to provide more information and connect you to a petition.

Pat Brackley


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