SHERIDAN — Thursday evening around 9 p.m., Mike Lansing was working in his home office and looked out his window to see a black bear staring back at him. Nine hours later, the bear lie fast asleep on the grass below a tree after Wyoming Game and Fish employees tranquilized the animal out of a tree in Lansing’s front yard.

The small black bear moved from the Lansing’s front yard Thursday night to neighbor Charlie Bassett’s trash bins. Bassett’s dogs scared the bear into a tree in the Lansing’s front yard, and Bassett called law enforcement.

Sheridan Police Department officers responded, and WGFD wardens followed.

Wardens Dustin Shorma and Craig Smith shot the bear twice with tranquilizer darts, and it slowly fell out of the tree. Shorma checked the bear before allowing neighbors to take a closer look.

Shorma, Smith and SPD officer Rodney Swaney loaded the tranquilized bear into the back of a WGFD pickup truck to be transported outside city limits.

Wardens will check the bear and determine whether it will need to be euthanized or relocated back into the wild.