have been neglecting my grill. It sits outside, looking pretty and hardly used. It turns out 4-month-olds kind of take it out of you and the most you can muster is take-out.

But to change the status quo around here, I made some stuffed burgers.

Conventionally, it’s easiest to just mix the ground beef together with whatever you want in there, but I decided to get fancy and have a big flavor pocket in the middle. This not only took longer, but made cooking them way, way trickier.

You can stuff them with about anything you want. We went with a three-cheese blend, diced jalapeños, spinach and onion. Nameless members of the household only like bacon with breakfast so that was withheld. RIP. But you can use bacon. Lots and lots of bacon. You could even do a core of just bacon to make up for the sorry guys who couldn’t have bacon with theirs.

In the end, I overcooked them a bit. It is hard to judge if a stuffed burger is done by the poke method. The first one I took off was severely undercooked; a few minutes later it was overcooked — was a strange phenomenon. If you try it and get them to come out great, let me know. I love hearing success stories when I fell short.


Stuffed Burgers


1 pound 80% lean ground beef. The less lean the burger, the easier it will be to mold together. The more fat they have, however, the more they will shrink down. I got four patties out of 85 percent, so proportion accordingly.

Anything you want inside of the burger

Package of buns and anything else you enjoy with your burger


1. Preheat your grill to medium-high heat. The goal with these is flipping them as few times as possible. I usually gauge when to flip by how far up the sides of the patty is cooked. If you also use this method, give it a few more moments than usual, then flip.

2. Take your patties and assemble your stuffed burger.

3. Enjoy!