SHERIDAN — A recent landslide covered a portion of the Little Horn Trail #050 making it impassable for people and stock. The slide area remains unstable with additional rock fall possible.

An emergency area closure took effect May 17 from the northeastern end of the Little Horn Trail 050 west for approximately half a mile. The closure encompasses about 29 acres including the trail in the Little Bighorn Canyon and includes an area from the Little Bighorn River north to the first major cliff band.

The area will reopen once an assessment of the trail can occur and potential mitigation measures are completed. 

Events such as this are a natural process. Spring time or periods with heavy rain can increase the frequency of rock fall. Always use caution when traveling roads, trails or cross-country through canyons or areas with the potential of rock fall. Please report any rock or landslides to the U.S. Forest Service.

For more information, contact Sara Evans Kirol, trails coordinator, at (307) 674-2692 or the forest supervisor’s office at (307) 674-2600. Information on the Bighorn National Forest can also be obtained at