restrictions reasonable

Re: County considering regulations

This letter is in response to Mr. and Mrs. Parks’ letter regarding county fireworks. I, too, am a Sheridan County resident who applauds a reduction in times when fireworks can be shot off. I think only allowing them on July 4 and New Year’s Eve is sufficient. I hate the noise myself. My pets and other wildlife are terrified during the fireworks events. Since it doesn’t get dark until after 9 p.m. in July, the people who are shooting them off in our neighborhoods start late and have been known to continue them until after midnight.

This regulation does not take away your freedom. You can still shoot off the fireworks, just not in a way that infringes on your neighbors’ right to peace.

What, exactly, does the right to shoot off fireworks anytime you want have to do with what Independence Day means?

Rita Rohrbaugh



Leave the walleye alone

Re: May 12 letter

This is in response to the letter by Dean Joslyn. I agree 100 percent with his opinion. I also feel walleye is the best eating fish you can catch in Wyoming. I enjoy fishing for trout, but I release them. 

I also fish the Tongue River Reservoir and the only fish I bring home are the walleye and Crappie, if I am lucky enough to catch either one. 

Let’s not deprive the many anglers who prefer to fish for walleye over trout. There are many rivers and lakes for those who prefer trout.

Gene Brewer