In the air

buzz has surrounded Sheridan. Yes, bees have shown themselves this spring, buzzing between trees, flowers and other plants.

But another buzz has hit the area. It’s an optimism that seems to have permeated much of the community — a sense of relief, of weight lifted from shoulders and of hope. Several individuals have commented on the upbeat feel, but all have offered different opinions as to what has caused the local residents to breath easier.

Here are some of the most popularly cited causes:

• The weather. As warm temperatures become more consistent and sunshine more abundant, everyone heads outside. Gardens need tilled, lawns need mowed, but that doesn’t seem to matter. People flock outside to soak in some Vitamin D after long cloudy months indoors. They fire up grills, host backyard barbecues and take to the pathways for exercise. Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

• Season of celebrations. May boasts a number of reasons to celebrate (see reason No. 1 above). Graduations set for Memorial Day weekend bring families and friends from afar into the county. The graduating seniors will mark their last days in high school, which likely gives them all extra bounce in their steps. Parents, too, while sad to know their kids are growing up and flying the coop, also burst with pride. Smiles and cheers will fill the coming weekends as families send their high school seniors off into the world.

• Tourists. While we sometimes shake our heads at tourists for not fully understanding our way of life here in Sheridan, their arrival marks the beginning of summer. Business owners notice more foot traffic and, we all hope, more revenue as a result. Main Street starts to bustle, local restaurants open their outdoor seating areas and downtown shops leave welcoming doors open and even put some merchandise outside to lure us in. The whole area just feels more alive this time of year.

• Bats and balls. This is one of my favorite reasons to celebrate. Each spring, I know when spring has arrived because I can hear the sound of the ball hitting the bat at Thorne-Rider Park. The sounds of baseball bring music to my ears. Others seem to share in that joy. While I live close enough to hear it from home, parents seem relieved to watch their children play sports without the threat of snow. 

There are other reasons optimism has filled the air, such as new businesses opening and construction projects adding a facelift to the area.

No matter what it is, I hope your step has some extra spring in it these days, too. 

By |May. 17, 2018|

About the Author:

Kristen Czaban has been with The Sheridan Press since June 2008 and has covered the entire gamut of beats including government, crime, business and the outdoors. Before heading west, she graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s in journalism. Email Kristen at:


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