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Leave the walleye alone

Re: WGFD catch, kill walleye in Wyoming reservoir

Why doesn’t the public have a say? Maybe have a vote on it. To me, it’s very disgusting killing walleye, a better fish to eat than cutthroat trout. 

I catch fish to eat. There are enough cutthroat in the mountains and here comes along a much better fish to eat. Run an ad in the Cody Enterprise paper. Give the public a say. 

I drove clear over Yellowstone Dam down in the canyon to a walleye dinner, all you can eat. It was awesome. The same goes to Lake DeSmet here in Sheridan. 

Dean Joslyn



Don’t reduce freedoms

Re: County fireworks

As residents of Sheridan County we are concerned with your proposed fireworks regulations. We could understand ending shooting times to a couple hours after dark, and later on July 4 and the New Year.

Are you serious about cutting shooting days from 77 days to 12 days? Really? Where are these new regulations stemming from? What if someone wants to shoot of a few pieces of celebration fireworks for a birthday, anniversary, graduation or other accomplishment?

Your current regulations are restrictive enough and this new set is nothing short of pathetic. What’s next are you going to tell me I can mow my lawn? Where does the regulation end? There are many reasons we bought land in Sheridan County, all of them relate to freedom. What are you going to regulate/eliminate next? What does Independence Day mean to you?

Brian and Toni Parks



‘Be better in the future’

Re: Movement of SCSD2 principal

Last night the Sheridan County School District 2 board voted unanimously to remove Paige Sanders, a multiple, national-award winning principal, from Woodland Park Elementary. There are several things about this situation that demonstrate to me that SCSD2 leadership is both floundering and afraid of what real success can bring.

First, this was attempted in suddenness and secrecy. Had one parent not found out, nobody would have been there to speak up. Second, the time frame of this points to two possibilities. Either this was a very hasty decision, which means it was poorly thought out and implemented, or it was in the works as much as six months ago, right after SCSD2 figured out they had a winner, not wholly of their making, on their hands. Which speaks to the third problem, that this has the feeling of a punishment promotion.

Take the offending, new shining star and saddle them with trying to create another “miracle.” If said star succeeds, repeat the process. If he or she should fail, well then it was a fluke and back to business as usual. If SCSD2 really had confidence in Sanders’ abilities, this process would have been a discussion and a plan beyond Woodland Park and Coffeen. Instead, it was a decree and a sudden shady shift. It’s a popular tactic with entrenched management.

In the end, this bumbled operation leaves one school wondering why they are being punished for its successes. It leaves another school wondering why their leadership thinks they need a fixer with no opportunity to “fix from within” with a little help. It pits parents of one school against another with ill feelings that didn’t need to be.

Lastly, it demonstrates that SCSD2 leadership has no ideas of its own, and it is willing to take hasty and dangerous actions with the educations of all the students with no larger plan in sight. It was said, many times, that the decision would be best for the district. It seems that the district resides at 201 N. Connor St., not in the schools.

I have every confidence that the Woodland Park staff will continue on with their amazing work, and I hope that the next principal breaks the mold of so many past SCSD2 hirings, firings and sudden departures, just as Sanders did. I have every confidence that Sanders will continue on to Coffeen with competence and an honest desire to help. I hope that the staff and students of Coffeen Elementary can get past any negative feelings they may have from the way they have been treated and welcome Sanders. She really is pretty great.

Lastly, I hope that SCSD2 leadership can actually learn from the staff at Woodland Park Elementary and embrace positive, progressive educational change rather than hinder, disrupt or fear it. The solution should never be to divide a school in an attempt to fix another one, especially in such a small district. It belittles both schools. You should have known better. Be better in the future.

Glenn Manry


Editor’s note: The word limit for the above letter was waived.


Thanks to VA for care

Over my lifetime, I have gone through many hospital stays. Most recently I was a patient at our local Veterans Affairs hospital, and I have to say, while there, I received the best, most caring, hands-on attention I have ever experienced in the sum total of any and all my previous hospitalizations.

Why share this experience? I’m sure many veterans, their families and the public, in general, are aware of the bad publicity given the VA of late. I’m not here to judge any of those reports, but I feel duty bound, in lieu of all the negativity concerning the VA, to expound on the excellence of care that I received at our local VA facility. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d have to give them a 15.

Thanks again to all the dedicated care providers at our local VA from the doctors right down to the receptionists. Thank you, all. You’re the best!

John Yeager


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