SHERIDAN — Sheridan County Sheriff Allen Thompson will run for re-election this fall.

Thompson started his professional law enforcement career 20 years ago after serving in the U.S. Army and Wyoming Army National Guard for nearly a decade.

Thompson also graduated from Sheridan College in 1996 before entering law enforcement.

The Sheridan County Republican Party and Sheridan County Board of County Commissioners selected Thompson to fill the role of sheriff July 1, 2017, following the retirement of longtime Sheriff Dave Hofmeier.

During his tenure as sheriff, Thompson has reached out to outlying communities in Sheridan County to engage in conversations about the SCSO’s work and how the office can improve everyone’s quality of life.

“The overwhelming response is that we are meeting or exceeding expectations and are tailoring our service to each area’s wishes,” Thompson said in an email. “I will continue to conduct community outreach events throughout the county on a regular basis.”

Thompson emphasized his ability to do more with less when considering budget concerns but said he opposes any actions that reduce money in employees’ pockets.

“I will, if elected, continue to make staff education and technological advances a top priority,” Thompson said. “If we are not current on the advances in science and technology, we won’t be able to provide help to our citizens, guests and victims of crime.”

Thompson will advocate for high-level training in crime prevention, detection and suspect apprehension pursuant to crimes prevalent in Sheridan County.