This week, members of The Sheridan Press staff have been installing and training on some new equipment we’ve purchased — a CRON-ECRM CTP plate processor.

What is that?

Each day The Press staff writes news stories, designs advertisements and lays out pages for the print newspaper. All of that work has to somehow transfer from the computers to the printing press. 

The CRON-ECRM CTP is part of that. It burns the images from the computer onto metal plates, which then are used to put the images on paper via the press. If you’ve never seen a printing press in action, I encourage you to stop by The Sheridan Press office on weekdays between 11 a.m. and noon, when our newspaper is printed.

The entire process is impressive. To start with blank pages each morning and by noon have a printed newspaper is pretty exciting. We get to create something new, something tangible and something well-read in our community six days a week. 

The Sheridan Press’ existing processor is 10 years old. The new one, installed this week with the help of Southern Lithoplate, will improve print quality and the speed at which the plates are burned. The new machine will also reduce the power and water used in the printing process.

This isn’t a small endeavor. It requires a shift in routine and additional training for the staff working in the pressroom. I couldn’t be more proud of the hard work they have all put in this week (and every week), toproduce a top-notch quality product for our readers and advertisers.

The new processor represents much more than newer technology, though. Our investment in the processor demonstrates our commitment to continue providing quality print products while simultaneously increasing our digital offerings. We’ve worked hard to offer readers more photographs, more videos and more digital options. 

But the processor shows our dedication to core products. We have and will continue to invest in our business. The Sheridan Press has existed in one form or another for more than 100 years; while news consumption and delivery may change, we’re not going anywhere.