This week’s Summit Award winner is Amanda Buckler. Buckler is a well-rounded student with interests in chemistry, math, soccer, cross-country, percussion and baking. Buckler’s mother and stepfather are Tracy and Troy Tyree.

Buckler, a Sheridan High School senior, maintains a cumulative GPA of 3.87. During Buckler’s senior year, her class load includes Advanced Placement environmental science, AP government, AP calculus, English 1010, conversational Spanish, poetry, percussion and weight training.

Chemistry and calculus are Buckler’s favorite subjects. She seems to have an innate skill set for these subjects as she admitted that they seem to come easy for her; however, she finds the complexity of the subjects a fun challenge. This is in line with comments from SHS math teacher Nancy Crowe, who stated that Buckler’s approach to learning is refreshing and will provide her with continued success as she pursues higher education.

In addition to her regular class load, Buckler also keeps busy as a member of KidsLife, the SHS soccer team, the cross-country team, National Honor Society and as a percussionist in the band.

Buckler stated that being in team sports has taught her that a team is all in it together. This has helped her recognize that it is important to work hard for her teammates and not just play for herself. Being a percussionist gave Buckler the opportunity to participate in the All-State band and travel with Wyoming Ambassadors of Music to Europe. The European trip showed Buckler that even when there is a language barrier in foreign countries, music is a way all people can connect.

Leadership roles Buckler currently holds are treasurer for Student Council and a representative for Junior Council for the city of Sheridan. As a representative of the student body, Buckler learned that it is important to get feedback from her peers in regard to school events. This has taught her to listen and gain ideas from others.

Buckler recognized her sister and grandfather as people who have most inspired her and who she looks up to as her role models. Both of these role models have motivated Buckler to work hard and conduct herself with high integrity.

They apparently taught Buckler well, as Crowe described Buckler as a young woman of integrity, optimism and genuine kindness.

In addition to her sister and grandfather, Buckler recognized Crowe for the Outstanding Teacher Award. Buckler noted that Crowe helps students excel to their fullest potential and helps them learn how to push themselves.

Buckler received a presidential scholarship and will be attending Lakeland University in Plymouth, Wisconsin. She plans to major in pre-physical therapy with a minor in Spanish and will play soccer. Buckler decided to pursue a career in physical therapy so she can help people using a science-based profession. With Buckler’s determination and positive outlook, she’s sure to achieve her career goal of helping and healing others.