Our reporters at The Press have finished up their articles for the spring edition of Destination Sheridan. It’s always fun to see what they come up with.

Each edition tackles a new theme. In the past, we’ve focused on locals returning home, Native American culture, the arts, philanthropy and more. Outdoor recreation has always been a part of the mix, along with a community calendar and quick looks at what the area has to offer.

This year, our spring edition — due out in about a month — will take on another topic. Stay tuned for details and release dates as we pin down the next magazine highlighting many of the wonderful things in the community.

The process of creating a magazine isn’t a short one for us here at The Press. 

We conducted our first idea session for the Spring/Summer 2018 edition in the spring of 2017. We gathered around a white board to talk about topics. Then, we brainstormed what the articles would look like. Then, we pinned down writing assignments. 

We did this, in part, because if we don’t know the topic and focus, it can be extremely difficult for our photographer to find relevant local art on the subjects. This way, Justin Sheely was able to spend last summer seeking out the photos we needed. Much better to do that while the summer sun is shining than when snow covers the ground and the feel of summer is more difficult to capture.

Next, our reporters start seeking out sources and conducting interviews. Finally, they sit down to write. We edit, then edit again. Then, the photographs and articles are turned over to one of our graphic designers, in this case Jon Cates. 

Cates has worked on a number of our Destination Sheridan magazines, primarily the ones that publish in the spring and the fall. We continually push each other to stretch the creative bounds a little bit, and I’m always impressed with what comes out of that process.

Once he has all the articles, Cates spends long days designing the 120-140 page magazine. We go through multiple rounds of edits, critiques and redesigns. While all of that is happening, Cates and the marketing team are also rounding up advertisements from local businesses. The magazine constantly proves to be one of the most popular products we produce. The glossy pages and unique content hit home with locals and visitors alike — always appealing for our marketing partners.

Finally, about two weeks before the publication date, we send pages off to our printers and await the final product. 

I look forward to seeing the boxes come in and ripping the tape off the top. There’s something so rewarding about seeing the final product for a process that started nearly a year prior. 

We’re just a few weeks out from the release of this season’s edition, then it’s onto rodeo. 

I know this is a tease, but I’ll tell you more about the topic soon, I promise.