CLEARMONT — The Sheridan County School District 3 board of trustees discussed next year’s budget and possible school safety measures during its meeting Wednesday.

SCSD3 superintendent Charles Auzqui said the district might have a slight budget increase next year but estimates it will be closer to this year’s $3.65 million budget.

SCSD3 has gone through about 65 percent of this year’s budget, which pays for district expenses through Aug. 31. The board might have a special budget meeting in June, but Auzqui said the district appears to be on track with its spending.

The board also discussed school safety, which includes purchasing locks for both sides of classroom doors.

The board is considering buying small safes for each classroom that would include mace and a baton. Auzqui added that the school district may have further safety discussions with community members going forward.

“Overall, it was a fairly quiet meeting, which is a good sign,” Auzqui said.

 The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 9.