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SHERIDAN — Sheridan County encompasses a plethora of different lodging choices.

Whether an individual is just passing through and staying the night or traveling to the Bighorn Mountains for an extended vacation, Sheridan County has something for everybody.

“We just have a really good mix of the rugged western and the glamorous,” said Bailey McLean, a member of Sheridan Travel and Tourism.

There are plenty of places to spend the night in town like the historic Sheridan Inn or the iconic Mill Inn. There are also numerous outdoor getaways within the Bighorn National Forest, such as the Arrowhead Lodge, Bear Lodge Resort and the Elk View Inn.

Dixie Johnson — CEO of the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce — greets multiple tourists every day and never hesitates to recommend the one-of-a-kind lodging experiences just a stone’s throw from downtown.

“What they can really offer is that unique experience and a flavor of the Bighorn Mountains,” Johnson said. “The Bighorns are kind of our playground if you live here. If you’ve grown up here, we all know what is so special to us about the Bighorn Mountains.

So it’s neat to be able to connect visitors with the Bighorn Mountains and give them an opportunity to stay up in the mountains at the lodges and experience some great hospitality, accommodations, recreational opportunities and restaurants.

“We absolutely recommend our lodges in the Bighorns time and time again.”

Depending on weather, Highway 14 will get someone from Sheridan to the front doors of all three lodges in around an hour.


Arrowhead Lodge

The closest lodge within the Bighorn Mountains to Sheridan (22.4 miles west of Dayton).

Lodging options: Motel rooms $99/night; suites $139; rustic cabins $49 and RV and tent sites prices vary.

Accommodations: Restaurant and bar; gift shop; gas; ATM; wireless internet; fishing pond; snow mobile rentals and guided tours

Google-star rating: 4.4/5

Bear Lodge

The second closest lodge to Sheridan situated just west of Burgess Junction on Highway 14A (25.6 miles west of Dayton).

Lodging options: Motel rooms $104; rustic cabins $36; duplex condos $250/night with a minimum two-night stay; RV and tent sites prices vary.

Accommodations: Restaurant and bar; conference rooms; laundry; indoor pool and fitness center; gift shop; gas and ATM.

Google-star rating: 3.8/5

Elk View Inn

The only lodge south of Burgess Junction on Highway 14 (26.5 west of Dayton).

Lodging options: Motel rooms $105; condo cabin $250; RV sites prices vary.

Accommodations: Restaurant and bar; gift shop; snowmobile and ATV rentals.

Google-star rating: 3.9/5


All three of the aforementioned outdoor escapes stand directly in the heart of countless outdoor opportunities that include, and are not limited to, the Medicine Wheel National Historic Site, Bucking Mule Falls, Granite Pass, Tie Flume, Shell Creek Falls, Sibley Lake, Dinosaur Beds and Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.

Just outside of Sheridan County, but still within the Bighorn National Forest, lie a few other outdoor escapes. Wyoming High Country Lodge is also on Highway 14A. Paradise Guest Ranch resides north of Highway 16 west of Buffalo. South Fork Lodge sits along Highway 16 west of Buffalo. Meadowlark Lake Lodge is along Highway 16 near the western edge of the forest, and Deer Haven is in the same vicinity.

Sheridan stands as the gateway to the Bighorn Mountains, a paradise for outdoor enthusiast and tourist alike. And if those people elect to stay overnight, there are multiple mountain lodges to choose from.

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