SHERIDAN — The arduous and mandatory daily tasks don’t intimidate her. The heightened academic requirements won’t make her blink. Residing 1,800 miles from her hometown … well, that’s a bit scary.

“I’m terrified of moving to Maryland, honestly,” Sheridan’s Pippin Robison said. “I’ve never lived anywhere other than Sheridan.”

Robison will travel to the East Coast this fall and attend the Naval Academy. And as if joining the armed forces didn’t prove tough enough already, Robison will add a little something extra to her daily schedule — a sport, although which sports still remains up in the air.

Robison’s passion to pursue collegiate endeavors within the armed forces occurred a few years back. She attended a day-in-the-life camp at Navy as an eighth-grader, and any doubt regarding her college dreams got put to bed. Robison got a taste of the fitness requirements, sat through a few seminars and got yelled at … a lot.

“It was really interesting. They yelled at us for 30 minutes, so we kind of got to experience that, and that was a little scary,” Robison said. “However, all of the upperclassmen were super nice because they were trying to get us all to go there, so I really liked it.

“I thought it was challenging, so I’m looking forward to that challenge.”

The camp wasn’t a huge culture shock for Robison. She grew up in a household with two military parents — a mother currently in the National Guard and a father who attended the Naval Academy, as well — so having demanding expectations is nothing new for Robison.

Robison also credits her hometown roots for prepping her for what the next few years will entail.

“I think Sheridan has prepared me really well,” Robison said. “All through swimming and running, all my coaches have prepared me really well, and they’ve required a lot out of me. I think that has prepared me. And the academics are phenomenal. I’ve taken 10 [Advanced Placement] classes and all of them sufficiently challenged me.

“I think I’ll be ready.”

Robison competed for the Lady Broncs swim team and track and field team, and she captured state titles in both arenas.

“She’s really meant a lot to both of those programs, ninth- through 12th-grade years,” Sheridan head track coach Taylor Kelting said. “And this season, she’s growing each and every day.”

Robison would like to combine those talents in the all inclusive sport of triathlon. Navy has a triathlon team that has peaked Robison’s interest. She’s not completely foreign to the versatile sport, having competed in a few sprint triathlons in years past in Buffalo. And much like Robison’s other athletic endeavors, she reigned supreme.

“I think triathlons are really intriguing because it’s swimming and running, which I love, and I bike to work in the summer every single day,” Robison said. “It just kind of combines the three sports I love, and I think it would be cool, especially because it would be a new sport. But I wouldn’t be completely like unknowing of what I was getting into.”

Academically, Robison will pursue a degree in cyber security. Upon graduation she’ll go into the fleet for five years and then either remain in the fleet or join the private sector. Robison’s long-term goals involve a career in the Navy for as long as possible.

But for now, she’ll focus on the final chapter of her high school athletic career.

Robison hopes to help lead the Lady Broncs’ track and field team to one final state-title push before delving into the start of her collegiate dreams in Annapolis.