RANCHESTER — A lack of clairt on sidewalk requirements halted a building project in Ranchester. Ranchester Town Council tabled a decision that would require subdivision developers to put in a sidewalk.

While preparing to build in the Aspen Court subdivision, owned by developer Drew Redinger, lot owner Trinity Powers was notified by town of Ranchester engineer Chris Johnson that a sidewalk needed to be constructed along the property. Redinger admitted to Johnson in email correspondence that he did not tell new lot owners their property needed a sidewalk.

Powers’ property required an extensive length of sidewalk, so Powers asked the town of Ranchester to meet them halfway.

“Most people don’t complain,” Johnson said. “This is the first complaint I’ve had. I won’t call it a complaint; I’ll call it a lot of sidewalk.”

Mayor Peter Clark said he did not know of any ordinances defining sidewalk requirements for the town.

Redinger was not present at the meeting, so council tabled the issue until Redinger could make his case at the next meeting. Council also suggested Powers and Redinger work to resolve the issue before the next meeting, if possible.