Downtown is blooming!

Sheridan’s downtown certainly always has a year-round appeal. But there’s just something about the springtime that brings a new energy and excitement to our Main Street. Soon, the flowers will be hung by the storefronts with care; the streets will be filled with dancing and farmers market tables; overhead, there will be colorful banners exclaiming all the latest events and happenings in the town; and the extra sunshine will allow us all to be out enjoying the weather and the atmosphere later into the day.

After the commencement of Wine Fest, the staff and volunteers at the Downtown Sheridan Association like to reflect on the event and then move right into the next big item. Planning and organizing of the very successful Third Thursday events sit at the top of the list — right next to planning farmers markets. Our first Third Thursday and first farmers market are scheduled to take off on the same day, June 21.

Early registration for Third Thursday booths will open April 1. These two events are community favorites each year. Third Thursday is notorious for filling our Main Street with vendors and local business owners who are looking to share their products and services with patrons. Each year we see a larger draw to this event and we are constantly looking to improve what we have to offer to the community. There is certainly no shortage of food and fun at this summer gathering.

Our farmers markets also pull a strong audience and continue to be more creative and interactive each year. This year, farmers market committee members have gotten a jumpstart on planning their festivities and have some exciting, new things in store for attendees. Weekly themes, the addition of games and activities for youth and a fall festival are all in the works.

Of course, a big part of the success of these events is the ability to put them together seamlessly. Volunteers are perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle for the Downtown Sheridan Association when we are thinking of logistics and analyzing the limits of what we can do for our community. I have never seen a more amazing group of volunteers than right here in Sheridan. Thank you to those who have supported this organization and its efforts in years past. Many of you have been committed for multiple years. We are always looking to expand our efforts and our team, so if you too would like to volunteer for our Downtown Sheridan Association, we would love to hear from you.

We wish everyone a happy spring and look forward to seeing you all downtown.


Rockie Hiser is the marketing, events and membership coordinator for the Downtown Sheridan Association.