SHERIDAN — Clearmont Mayor Chris Schock will run for a position on the Sheridan County Commission as a Republican in the April primary.

“As a County Commissioner, I will work to diversify our economy to create good-paying jobs for all municipalities in Sheridan County, keep our budget balanced, our taxes low and our roads in good repairs,” Schock said in a press release.

Schock has served as Clearmont mayor since 2014. While serving as mayor, Schock implemented a long-term improvement plan for streets and utilities, successfully closed the old landfill and led a clean-up campaign for the town.

“Managing in tight times is not easy,” Schock said. “We had to stretch our dollars and match them with federal and state grants where we could. That experience will help me at the County Commission job.”

Shock is retired military, having served in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years. He retired as a master sergeant.

Raised in Sheridan, Schock attended the old Beckton school on Big Goose Road and graduated from Tongue River High School.

He also graduated from Sheridan College and the University of Wyoming.

“I have seen a lot of change in Sheridan — some for the better, some not,” Schock said. “The challenge in public leadership is to steer toward a better future but make sure we hold onto everything we love about Sheridan.

“For important decisions, I like to ask two questions: ‘How will this affect the smallest and most vulnerable?’ Moreover, to look out 50 years and ask, ‘Will this be good for future generations?’” he added.

Nick Siddle also announced he will run for county commission.