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If you’re like me, some things just come easier when ordering out. Pizza is one of them. You could buy pre-made dough, hanging from shelves and looking as appetizing as a watered down brick, or you could take the time to make your own. Pre-planning, making sure it has time to rise, making sure it is in a warm enough location, and it still never seems to come out as good as even Little Caesars. 

Until now, in the Sanders home.

I finally joined the KitchenAid club and got a stand mixer. I was reading up on different kinds of pizza doughs and the ways to go about making them; they all came back to a seven-word phrase… “Add the dry ingredients to your mixer.”

We have all seen them on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, the massive dough mixers — or some of us had high school jobs at certain pizza joints — that magically make a perfect dough ball in no time. I thought to myself, it would take an hour doing that by hand, so I looked into a stand mixer, home size. I ended up finding one on super sale with a whole gamut of attachments, so I pulled the trigger.

The red paint seemed to almost shimmer as I pulled it from its styrofoam casing. I was excited to say the least; the day had finally come. After giving it a good cleaning, I added ingredients to the sturdy bowl and turned it on. The light electric hum of my new toy doing all the work was a satisfying sight. In no time I had a perfect little pizza dough ball that I kneaded with love, covered and stuck in my closet to wait out the yeast magic.

An hour or so later I had legit pizza dough for the first time ever, enough for two oblong-looking 14-inch pizzas. One topped with my favorite things, one topped with my wife’s, in the oven they went. 20 minutes later, we ended up with pretty amazing pizza.

Will you be competing with local haunts? Probably not.

But with some practice, who knows, maybe you will have the next big thing in pizza.


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