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Support for father’s
legislative efforts

Re: Rep. Mark Jennings

I don’t often write letters to the editor but I wanted to take a moment to support my father Rep. Mark Jennings. In the last year, I have watched him work tirelessly to listen to his constituents and represent them; attending every long day of session as well as the committee he is assigned to. I never hear him complain about his duties because I know that he believes his constituents are worth standing up for.

Recently there have been rumblings about how long and arduous the amount of debate has been; however, I am proud of the fact that my father cares enough about his position as a “servant of the people” to always be on the lookout and willing to speak up to make sure Sheridan voices are heard. During this past session, my father has been continually vigilant to make sure that additional budget increases and unwanted tax proposals do not slip by without notice.

Some individuals have assumed that since the Joint Appropriations Committee has spent time going through the budget that House Representatives should vote, with minimal discussion, for the proposed financial plan. While I am sure the JAC has worked hard on a budget, I am also sure that I want a representative that goes to Cheyenne to vote the way those elected him desire; not just on the recommendations of a committee of 12. Without each voice of all 60 representatives and 30 senators debating, creating and questioning, the great state of Wyoming would fall into the Nancy Pelosi mindset of passing every bill just to see what is in it. I am so encouraged that my father is willing to stand up against the status quo and debate the issues with knowledge and respect of those around him.


Holly Jennings


By |March 16th, 2018|

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