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Plans for field ‘ridiculous endeavor’

Re: SCSD1 field near Big Horn

For the last several years the administration of Sheridan County School District 1 has schemed to use property for a bus stop at the Big Horn “Y” , 4 miles from Big Horn, to attract students from SCSD2 to attend SCSD1. It hasn’t worked.

With the resignation of SCSD1 superintendent Marty Kobza, it is the perfect time to rethink this. The community center plot failed, and the land remains vacant. The scheming seems to be continuing, and they have now directed the SCSD1 recreation district to spend thousands of dollars to seed, fence and put in an irrigation system to create a very small children’s activities field. This lot is in a very dangerous location for kids use as it is along a busy highway and far from the Big Horn schools.

In exchange for continuing bus stop use, SCSD1 will finance snow removal and grounds maintenance services. The SCSD1 recreation district now has $360,000 in the bank to split between Big Horn and Tongue River and if sold you can add to that the value of the property, at least $300,000. Find out exactly what the citizens of Big Horn, Tongue River, land owners, tax payers, teachers, etc. would like to do with the money. It’s our money; all of us who pay in to our property taxes, it’s a mil levy both on the Big Horn and Tongue River sides. It’s obvious by the surveys that were conducted over three years ago that the people of Big Horn, wisely, didn’t see the need to support a community center or playing field on that piece of property.

Hopefully, the new superintendent will use his or her time and energy to figure out a different way to generate the funds other than poaching SCSD2 kids. We need to provide books for our students, so our teachers don’t have to have their own fundraisers to purchase them. I don’t want my tax dollars going toward mowing and snow removal on a piece of property that absolutely no one will use. Do you?

SCSD1 recreation board, please reconsider the plan before you spend thousands of our money on this ridiculous endeavor.

Laurie E. Morris



Time for new candidates

Re: Upcoming elections

Here we go again, another election year. As we look at these candidates we see the same old faces and I believe it is definitely time to see a total new slate of people who are willing to serve their constituents with new ideas and integrity.

As I listen to people on the street, I become very concerned about the direction our city, county, state and nation is going.

In Washington, we continue with the nonsensical approach to government, with no real progress being made. Statewide, we continue to excuse the Legislature from its responsibility to our children’s education and continue to waste taxpayer money on nonessential projects. Just recently I read that 300 million tons of coal were recovered from the state’s supply. Many thousands of cubic feet of gas are shipped out of state annually, reducing our inventory significantly. Oil is enjoying a rebound. It is time to add an additional tax to our resources to offset the lack of funds that is sorely needed for education and our outdated infrastructure. 

Our local air service is being propped up with taxpayer money and provides minimal service to its few users. Why cannot this service run itself as a profitable business? 

Another questionable project was recently started on the north side of town that is supposedly to benefit the town, but in talking to people on the street, the project has them scratching their heads. Here again, I ask, why cannot these businesses operate at a profit, rather than being subsidized with taxpayer money?

Yes, I believe that it is time for a new group of elected officials to take over the management of our country, state, county and our town. As you prepare to vote, analyze the candidates and see what it is they have to offer the people they will be responsible for. It is time to stop the self-enrichment of a few at the taxpayers’ expense.

Larry Mueller


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