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ut of the 19th-century Persia (now Iran), the two holiest souls to have ever inhabited the planet were born: Baha’u’llah and the Bab. No greater miracle than the coming of the Promised One of all previous religions, “Twin Trumpet Blasts” had announced was the cradle from which these Manifestations from God had arisen and blossomed.

By the 19th century, Persia had become the most vile civilization on Earth, after having been so exalted a heritage. This was the land of the ancient Faith of Zoroaster and where the Prophet Daniel had lived and  contemplated the meaning of his visions and the mysteries of “the time of the end”. Persia had made many pivotal contributions to the spiritual and cultural evolution of humanity because of these God sent luminaries.

When most of the world was advancing technologically, materially and politically, Iran was sinking beneath the depths of degradation characterized by a narrowness of mind, a fanaticism and lunacy of the many lands and peoples that had birthed the previous Manifestations of God, who incidentally had created the most advanced civilizations down through the ages.

In Iran, there was a profound hatred appealing to the baser instincts of a largely ignorant and benighted populace. The clergy and civil authorities perpetuate the perfidy of corruption and despotism notorious for their gross injustices and ferocious bigotry.

Iran is still known for its willful perversity, savage cruelty, unremitting viciousness, unrelieved insidiousness, moral bankruptcy, venality, avariciousness and the egotistically cowardliness. The propensity for evil doing persists to this day, especially targeting the beleaguered Baha’i community with inclinations toward barbarism and butchery.

Although the Baha’is are the largest minority religion in Iran and the second most widely spread religion on Earth, it has grown to honor, integrity and magnificence. Knowing the origins and birthplace of this faith, it is the more miraculous.

What is the transforming potency that this young Baha’i faith possesses? Might one consider such a phenomenon: If this is not from God, then what is?


Judi Panetta is a member of the Baha’i faith.

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