During the legislative session so far, those elected to make the difficult decisions seem only able to avoid such choices. The title of public servant certainly comes with challenges, and anyone who thinks the job will prove simple isn’t paying attention. Avoidance, though, hurts constituents and falls into the realm of dereliction of duty. Nearly every representative and senator in the Wyoming Legislature will tell you that the state faces a budget crisis. Some blame regulations from the federal government, some blame years of unchecked spending and others blame the state’s tax structure. Others blame all of the above. Few, though, have denied there is a problem.

Yes, cuts are required. Revenue is required. But until real solutions are brought forward and considered to move the state’s tax structure away from reliance on energy industries, more pain will be felt across by all.

Avoiding big, sweeping proposals or letting bills that could be part of the solution die for lack of introduction isn’t worthy of our representation.

So far, by attempting to avoid criticism for their actions, legislators have earned just that.