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‘Tis the season for Girl Scout cookies. A couple of weeks ago, a young girl with big dreams stopped by The Sheridan Press to sell the seasonal goodies. Many in the office, of course, purchased boxes of the classics.

I remember selling cookies when I was young. We’d stand outside in the freezing cold, asking anyone who would listen to buy a box of cookies. The cookie sales helped raise funds for projects and camps. I never loved making the sales pitch, but I loved telling anyone who would listen about all of the cool things we got to do as Girl Scouts.

We tackled projects to earn badges, but the badges were secondary to the experiences. Archery, star gazing, crafts, hiking and so much more. 

If you haven’t purchased any cookies yet, the local Girl Scouts will be out and about in March and April. Keep an eye out and snag a box of Thin Mints or Trefoils for the cupboard.




Now for puppy tales. Dozer has grown quite a bit — he’s now a whopping 25 pounds. His howl has deepened and has been used more and more often, sometimes to my dismay. 

My husband and I are fairly certain his nose will get him in to a fair share of trouble. But, he’s a hound, so that’s to be expected.

He’s still adorable and sometimes he comes to the office with me to say hello and stretch his legs a bit.

Toby, our older dog, has taken Dozer under his wing. They still snuggle, but it’s most fun to watch them together at one of the local dog parks. I typically walk in circles around the park (primarily to stay warm while they play). Toby runs out ahead of me, and Dozer sprints to keep up. His nose, though, often gets him off track. Toby, when he realizes he’s much farther ahead of us, will stop and look for Dozer. Once Dozer catches up, the pair will continue ahead.

Toby’s taken on the responsibility of teaching the young grasshopper. What a pair.




“Everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong.”

— W.R. Purche

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