Take care of our own
while others argue

Re: School safety

The TV news is dominated by arguments between members of Congress and others about what do we do to stop school shootings. If we wait for Congress, there may be no real solution, only a political one. 

What really needs to be done is keep those with evil intent out in the first place. Some schools in various places have designated one entrance for all, including students, teachers and anyone else who needs access to be observed, screened and either denied or granted access. There is no way we can determine the means evil persons may choose, but most seem to want to use guns.

This designated entrance is equipped with electronic locks, video cameras and a means for voice communication with the person charged with entrance security. All other doors are locked from the inside and equipped with panic bars that turn on video cameras when activated. All cameras can be monitored from the security station at the front door. The security station has a list and pictures of those who definitely are denied entrance.

I have learned that never has a school in Israel experienced a school shooting. Several persons within the school, teachers or other trained persons, are discreetly armed and can assist security personnel if need be.

This is intended only as an outline to be considered by the school board, teachers and law enforcement. I am sure there are persons skilled in the security field that could help develop a viable plan to cover every school in Sheridan, and it would not take weeks or months to do. We need to protect our own and let others argue about what to do.

Robert D. Blankenfeld



Keeping porn out
of children’s hands

Re: House Bill HJ0001

In response to two letters published by Mr. Meyers and Mr. Hanson on Tuesday, Feb. 6, in The Sheridan Press regarding House Bill HJ0001, I would like to respectfully disagree with them on their views of this bill. 

This anti-porn bill would help ensure that kids do not get their hands on it and pass it around. Pornography has serious consequences, including cases of sex trafficking linked with viewing porn.

I also disagree with Mr. Myers and Mr. Hanson attacking Rep. Mark Jennings’ character when all he’s doing is looking out for families.

He has done so much good for Wyoming, taking time out of his day to talk with students and adults alike. For example, Jennings spoke with my fellow students and I about what our elected officials are doing in Cheyenne and answered our questions Also, a few of our friends were able to intern for Jennings.

The bathroom bill Jennings proposed last year was, in my opinion, a good idea. As a teen not able to arm myself against predators that can just go into a women’s bathroom whenever they please, I would want something in place that might stop some people with ulterior motives from going in the women’s bathroom.

It is clear that Jennings cares about the average person of Wyoming. He works hard to pass bills that would help make life better for families in Wyoming. We are very fortunate to have him as our representative.

In closing, it is not necessary to viciously attack someone’s character over a bill that you disagree with. If you disagree with them, do so respectfully.


Makayla Zeller



By |Feb. 23, 2018|

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