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Support for
anti-pornography bill

Re: Jennings legislation

I commend state Rep. Mark Jennings and other state representatives for addressing a proposed resolution addressing child pornography in Wyoming. The sole goal of which is to protect children and their families.

As a former K-12 school administrator in Wyoming and Wisconsin, I have confronted various cases of sexual child abuse. Child Protective Services, law enforcement, medical personnel and organizations that serve children deal with these issues frequently.

Child abuse may be emotional and/or physical (including sexual exploitation). Wyoming law requires suspected child abuse to be reported to Wyoming agencies for investigation and if necessary they will provide intervention.

Child pornography can be in the form of photography of nude children male and female and distribution in print and on the internet (which means the source can be worldwide). Children are often coerced or force into simulating or conducting sexual acts.

Children need protection as they do not have the maturity to make wise decisions about the use of their bodies. Adults in our society have a responsibility and currently do protect children from a variety of abuses. Children are protected from being used as subjects in child pornography. It is not covered under the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment of freedom of speech (NY v. Ferber, 1982). 

Please contact your state of Wyoming representative supporting this proposed resolution.

Craig Vogt


By |Feb. 15, 2018|

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