Sheridan residents often brag about the level of philanthropy that exists in our small town, and rightfully so. Many offer donations of time and money to support a variety of nonprofits. The quality of life that exists here wouldn’t be possible without the giving that occurs.

But, it’s also refreshing to see neighbors helping each other on a more personal level.

When the snow flies, especially when it accumulates in bulk, not all of our neighbors can manage the snow as well as others. 

City staff has emphasized that snow must be removed from sidewalks, per city ordinance. This is for everyone’s safety. Sidewalk snow can be pushed into the street, but snow from driveways cannot. Sometimes our neighbors need a little help clearing the way.

Countless reports of neighbors helping neighbors clear snow have appeared online and have been noticed by staff at The Sheridan Press. Some people hop on a four-wheeler with a plow attached and clear an entire block. Others grab a shovel and help clear the walkways for an elderly neighbor.

While philanthropy certainly deserves recognition and appreciation, the day-to-day kindnesses we show one another cannot be matched.