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Anyone else tired of shoveling? While I am thankful my husband tackles most of the snow-removal duties, I am ready for the snow to stop falling. I can handle the cold, but the constant mucking and trudging through snow has become a little much.

On the positive side, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other recreational pursuits that require the white stuff have likely received a boost with the recent accumulation. 

I’ve seen photos from across the region of locals taking their families to enjoy the slopes. 

This time of year offers a lot of fun activities that focus on the outdoors. For example, on Feb. 23, the Wyoming Wilderness Association and its partners will offer the Backcountry Film Festival. The event will take place at Luminous Brewhouse. It’ll feature eight short films “celebrating the winter human-powered experience.” 

Doors open at 6 p.m. and the films will start at 7:05 p.m. All ages are welcome to attend. Tickets cost $10 at the door and the cost includes a raffle ticket and drink token.

If you need a reason to be happy about the snow, check out the show.




My puppy, too, has enjoyed the snow. While he isn’t a fan of the cold, he likes bounding through the fresh powder. This morning, it was nearly as tall as he is. That won’t last, though; the little stinker is growing quickly.

We went to one of the local dog parks this week. We were the only ones there. The wind was blowing and we didn’t stay long, but it was worth a shot to allow Dozer to expel some energy. Our older dog, Toby, also likes to sniff around and always finds some extra energy to play with the pup. With the snow, thaw and refreeze, the ground in the parks (and everywhere in town, really) can become pretty slick. Usually when the dogs are running in circles, I walk the perimeter of the fence. I might as well burn some calories while the pooches play, right? 

Earlier this week, while the wind blew and I walked the fence line, Dozer came running toward me — ears flying behind him. Next thing I knew, he slammed on the brakes (never good on ice) and came crashing into me when he realized he couldn’t stop. 

I’m lucky he’s still fairly small, otherwise I would’ve been taken out at the knees. 




Those of you who lived in Sheridan in the 1990s may already know this, but Weatherby, Inc., has looked at relocating to our fine community before.

A reader dropped off an article published Dec. 10, 1991, in The Press titled, “Choices narrowed to Sheridan, Casper as sites for Weatherby move in spring.” Clearly the move didn’t happen then, but the article mirrored many of the sentiments expressed recently with the company’s announcement.

In the article written by Robert Waggener, then Weatherby shop operations manager Ken Woytek said the company’s president at the time, Ed Weatherby, had visited Sheridan and liked the town “for a whole host of reasons.”

While that deal did not come to fruition, Sheridan’s leaders and many community members have celebrated the recent news that Weatherby, Inc., will finally make its way to Sheridan.

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