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No slight intended

Re: Attorney’s comment on

coffee shops

We were very disappointed when we read The Sheridan Press editorial (Feb. 3), in which you stated that Ramaco Carbon’s attorney, Tony Wendtland, had somehow taken a position against small businesses or coffee shops in Sheridan. The editorial appeared to us to be slanted by your staff against Ramaco Carbon and Mr. Wendtland. It appeared to us that you tried to intentionally read the statement in Mr. Wendtland’s rezoning letter for his client about coffee shops unfairly and out of context.

We read the statement in the letter to simply say that you cannot build the Sheridan economy without encouraging new businesses like Ramaco, Weatherby and Vacutech to come here and grow here. It is a logical argument and one that the Sheridan Chamber of Commerce, local business people, a number of Ramaco Carbon neighbors, ENDOW and many other people around here obviously understand and support. 

Also, anyone who knows Mr. Wendtland at all certainly knows that the last thing anyone could ever say about him is that he is somehow against coffee shops or small businesses here. Mr. Wendtland happens to be one of the best coffee shop customers we could ever hope to have. He drinks a lot of coffee. We also know that he represents and promotes many small business people in this town and county and has done that for several decades. Our personal experience with him is that he is committed to the success of small businesses in this community.

We are glad Ramaco Carbon has hired someone to advise and represent them who actually values and supports small businesses in this community. We think it will help our coffee shop and many other small businesses.

Wayne and Pamela Gable

Red Velvet Bakery and Tapas Coffee Shop

By |Feb. 8, 2018|

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