Being a Buffalo Bills fan, the only real joy I’ve gotten since 1999 is watching the Patriots lose. I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment. However, there is a deeper, darker hatred for them if you are a Bills Fan. Or a Dolphins fan. Or a Jets fan. Heck, the whole rest of the AFC East can’t wait for Brady and his stylish overcoat-and-sunglasses combo to retire.

Watching the phantom menace Nick Foles out-Brady Brady at his own game was as satisfying to watch as it was the Bills making the playoffs for the first time this millennium. I already have my 3-week-old son wearing Bills gear, getting him ready for the long road of disappointment. I can only hope they make it back to four Super Bowls in a row in his lifetime. Maybe this time we win one or two of them? Please?

I digress, this is a food column. So in honor of the Eagles winning, we are diving into an age-old classic, but done right. Philly cheese steak with provolone and thinly sliced rib-eye.

Handily beating out Rocky Balboa, Ben Franklin, the Liberty bell and that whole independence thing — the Philly cheese steak is what you think about when you think Philadelphia. A buttery soft hoagie snuggly holding onto bits of seasoned rib-eye, bell pepper, onion and provolone would calm even the roughest of customers. Apparently invented by a hot dog vendor in the 1930’s, then beloved by cabbies ever since, it’s as American as it gets.

If you want to go all out like I did and use USDA Choice rib-eye, you are going to need a very sharp knife. Hopefully you have one. I can’t help but think there were instructions at some time on how to do that…


Philly cheese steak

6 tablespoons canola oil

1 large white onion, sliced

24 ounces sliced rib-eye or eye roll steak

Provolone Cheese (Can use whatever kind of cheese you like; I suggest provolone, however.)

4 crusty Italian rolls or hoagie sub rolls

Sweet green and red peppers (or yellow and orange because it’s better looking)

Mushrooms (optional)

Ketchup (optional)


1. Heat an iron skillet or a non-stick pan over medium heat and add 3 tablespoons of oil (canola has a high smoke point and works very well in this situation, save your olive oil for tastier options) to the pan.

2. Caramelize the onions and peppers, about 10 minutes.

3. Remove the onions and peppers and add the remaining oil, sauté the slices of meat quickly on both sides shredding with two spatulas as you go, remove when finished.

4. Take the Italian roll or hoagie sub rolls, cut in half but not all the way. Scoop out some of the soft bread in the middle to make room for the meat mixture.

4. Grab a portion of the peppers and onion mix, along with a portion of rib-eye, and combine on the skillet.

5. Place two slices of provolone on top, and then the roll following that.

6. Cook until the cheese is melted and flip onto a plate with a large spatula.

7. Enjoy!