SHERIDAN — Sheridan County School District 2 will contribute to rebuilding an unsound piece of land and will exchange another plot of land to build new infrastructure for the district.

Goose Creek landslides

Courtesy | SCSD2
Sheridan County School District 2 and Northern Wyoming Community College proposed an exchange of land. With the newly acquired land, SCSD2 plans to build the new John C. Schiffer Collaborative School.

The landslides on Goose Creek near Sheridan Junior High School continue to present a problem area that both SCSD2 and the city of Sheridan are working to fix for what they hope will be the last time. Previous fixes left the area still experiencing shifts and troublesome movement. City of Sheridan public works director Lane Thompson reviewed the area with Sheridan County emergency management coordinator Bruce Edwards to determine the level of attention the area requires. SCSD2 facilities director Mathers Heuck said while the issue does not pose immediate danger, it needs to be addressed soon.

The city of Sheridan recently received funding from the State Loan and Investment Board and will begin working with a contractor who specializes in landslides to determine the most effective and long-lasting solution.

Collaboration station

The John C. Schiffer Collaborative School will establish its permanent place not far from its current location — directly south of the developed Sheridan College campus.

The 3.61 acres of land currently owned by the Northern Wyoming Community College District will become the new location of the collaborative school in exchange for SCSD2’s 4.55 acres on the Burn Cleuch Minor Subdivision.

Heuck said before deciding on that specific plot of land, SCSD2 completed a Mercer study to determine if the choice remained the most cost effective and best location for the school. In completing their due diligence, Heuck said crews also gained insight into the geological elements of the grounds in and around the 3.61 plot of land. Those insights also determined it a fit place for the school.

The school’s design, which Heuck anticipates funding for in the upcoming month, will include ample off-street parking. Since the school will receive utilities through Sheridan College, the project first needs an access utility easement through the city of Sheridan. Heuck said he’s currently working through obtaining the access utility easement.

The current plan for the building pushes the property up against Dome Loop and Arena Drive, keeping the building 625 feet from Coffeen Avenue and 500 feet to Northern Wyoming Community College District’s existing property line.

The exchanged plot of land by SCSD2 gives the college 4.55 acres tucked in directly north of Woodland Park Storage, south of Fleming Boulevard and east of Coffeen Avenue.

Plans by the college for the new plot of land were not discussed at the time of announcing the exchange.

Both projects remain in the study and planning stages but will see rapid movement in the coming months.