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It seems while Sheridan celebrates an economic win with the recruitment of Weatherby, Inc., the national mood hasn’t recovered fully from the bitterness of ongoing political battles. Finger-pointing has become a favorite pastime and unfortunately seems to be at the peak of its popularity. Well, I suppose we can only hope it’s the peak.

Whether you lean left or right — or like most of the country, find yourself somewhere in the middle — plenty of blame has been bandied about. With midterm elections around the corner, politicians alternate between pleasing their base and playing it safe. It’s an odd game, but one that hasn’t seemed to serve many constituents. It’s sad that we’ve found ourselves in a time when compromise is cast as a weakness rather than good statesmanship. 

The blame game played in politics reminds me of one played in many homes, especially among siblings. Who destroyed the living room? One sibling points to another, despite the evidence being smeared all over the first sibling’s face. Who do they think they are fooling? 

It’s not always easy to accurately place blame in national politics, but perhaps that’s the point — everyone carries a bit of the blame. 

Come Feb. 8, I hope there will be less finger-pointing and more work completed. 




In case you missed it, Weatherby will be moving to town. I had the chance to interview Adam Weatherby — the company’s president — more than a week ago. His youthful voice exuded confidence and excitement about the things to come for his family business. Plus, he’s excited to move his family to the Sheridan area.

Weatherby has two children in high school. As his employees discuss the move with spouses over the dinner table, others have already prepared for the move. One employee, Weatherby said, has even started looking at homes in order to establish his one-year residency by the time hunting season rolls around in 2019. As for Weatherby himself, he noted that he hadn’t known much about Sheridan before beginning the process but now wouldn’t move anywhere else.




Outdoor enthusiasts lost an icon this week. The news came out Friday that legendary filmmaker Warren Miller died Wednesday night at his home in Washington. He was 93.

Some may recognize Miller’s name. The WYO Performing Arts and Education Center has shown his films routinely the night of the annual Christmas Stroll in downtown Sheridan. According to news reports about his death, Miller made more than 500 movies, primarily about outdoor sports, and he was famous for his films about skiing.

Miller has been quoted a lot, but here are a couple of my favorite quotes attributed to the filmmaker:

• “Don’t take life too seriously, because you won’t come out of it alive.”

• “Adventure is the invitation for common people to become uncommon.”

• “Freedom is when preparation meets the opportunity you have created.”

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