returned to my office the other day to find a glorious surprise — a map — on a table below my whiteboard. While a map may be boring to some, it symbolizes so much to me. It’s a sign (literally) of adventure. It’s a path forward. It’s a plan.

One of my hiking pals printed the enlarged version of the map so each of the gals in the group can hang it on a wall and dream of the mountain time to come. The maps get us pumped, get us motivated (mostly) to train and get us talking about what gear we need, menu options, etc. 

I’ve often wanted a globe in my office but have never purchased one. There is something about a physical representation of the rest of the world that prompts you to remember those who live outside of your little world. It’s so easy to forget everyone else, sometimes. While maps and globes include solid lines and borders, they also show that we’re all in it together.




Some big news came to Sheridan this week. Welcome to Weatherby, Inc. a company that will help expand the manufacturing sector in the community. Those who are fans of hunting and other shooting sports will likely enjoy the showroom the company plans to include in the new headquarters that will be located on the north side of Sheridan.

Let’s hope the governor had as much luck this year at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas recruiting more businesses to relocate to Wyoming.

The impacts on the community will likely be big — more homes will be built and purchased; more workers will be needed in other sectors, too, to accommodate that growth. Sheridan’s leaders have worked hard to prepare the community for a recruitment like Weatherby. Brings to mind quotes about success, inspiration and perspiration. 

As one person relayed to me, though, while Weatherby’s move is big and flashy — small businesses in the community that continually grow by one or two people annually have just as large of an impact on the community. So true.




“This is the direct result of years and years of visioning, planning and strategically investing in the things that matter for the future of our region. With the help of Whitney Benefits and others, we have been strengthening and growing our technical programs for this very reason, and we will continue to provide opportunities for students to learn valuable skills to secure a solid future.”

— Dr. Paul Young, president of the Northern Wyoming Community College District on Weatherby, Inc.’s move to Sheridan