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Landslide problem
goes deep

Re: Shackelford’s letter

In regards to Dick Shackelford’s letter (Jan. 16) agree, but the problem goes deeper than that — the intended pun will become evident. Access to the Kendrick mansion from the “flats” where the YMCA now sits was gained by a road that ran up a ravine north of the mansion and south of the present middle school. That ravine drained that whole slope clear up the present fairgrounds.

When the mill situated at the Big and Little Goose creeks’ confluence constructed a mill race, which later became the present creek channel, they had to build a bridge across the race. The Sheridan Press published a photo of the bridge asking if anyone knew where it was located. The footings were found during the construction several years ago, which verifies that it was there.

I do not know what year the city decided to rearrange the landscape, but the result is that my father told me the city removed the bridge and asked residents of the area to bring all the trash they could find to fill the ravine so that a minimum of fill dirt would be necessary to top it off to provide a flat area for a football field.

In 1946-47, while visiting my cousins and younger uncles who lived near Hill School (where the present auditorium now sits), we played in the weed grown wilderness where the ravine had been. In the middle was a grated drain that dropped into a tunnel or pipe that came out of the slope where the slide is now.

I suspect drainage from the west is still trying to reach the creek. Core samples would reveal the truth about lies beneath and the “fix” would be a cross trench to intercept surface and sub-surface water and divert it to the storm sewer system. Not a simple solution. Bottom line: The city was ultimately responsible, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.


Mike Kuzara


By |Jan. 19, 2018|

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