ENDOW a money pit

Re: Recommendations for funding


ENDOW is a great example of an institutionalized money pit. ENDOW wants to cough up $56 million.

This money would contract an airline to fly out of Wyoming, would make $10 million available to broadband companies and $5 million every other year for startups “to help build Wyoming’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”  The misuse of the word ecosystem calls to mind a swamp, a jungle, an algae mat on a brewer’s fermentation.

ENDOW would like to fee outfits like Bitcoin to operate in Wyoming. Unlike ENDOW money, you can’t take Bitcoins fiat money to the bank. Maybe ENDOW could be funded with Bitcoin. Wyoming taxpayers have since 2003 supported the Wyoming Business Council, this quasi political group has handed out $380 million for economic development, ENDOW would double up the bet.

Vicki Taylor