On Thursday, a small group of people gathered in the downtown community room of Sheridan Memorial Hospital. It was cold and snowy, but that didn’t deter the group from meeting; they had big plans.

The event served as a preview to a campaign the hospital plans to launch around the first of the year. The aim of the program? To get 500 more women into the hospital for mammograms each year.

Earlier in 2017, the hospital partnered with a couple of local people with creative talents. They filmed a gathering of women in the unfinished upstairs of the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center. The women casually spoke with one another, but also spoke directly to the camera about the need for preventative screenings.

Some of the women who participated had been diagnosed themselves. Many of the others knew individuals who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Some beat it, often with the help of early detection. Other attendees had individuals near and dear to them die of cancer.

The campaign, called “1 in 8,” centers around the statistic that one in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. 

The video, while educational and direct, also prompted more than a few tears in the conference room Thursday. 

It will be difficult to watch the video without recognizing at least one face from the community. It’s also tough to watch without recalling all of those individuals in your own life who have been affected by cancer.

The SMH staff at the event spoke passionately about their goal to make a difference in Sheridan County, to get more women screened with the hope of catching cancer earlier and with a greater chance of recovery and survival.

With nearly 30,000 individuals living in Sheridan County, I hope the goal of 500 new women coming in for screening proves low. Talk to the ones you love and encourage them to schedule their screenings today.




If you’re making big plans for New Year’s Eve, I hope you’ll be safe and be smart. Organize sober drivers for you and your group. There are many options.

As for me, I’ll likely be snuggled in watching movies at home. Happy New Year everyone!




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