The quieter, colder months that arrive this time of year encourage more reading on my part, especially as I readjust to the temperatures and build up my tolerance to the biting wind.

Here’s a quick rundown of some fun reading I’ve encountered over the last couple weeks.




After hearing of the awards received by Sheridan from True West magazine, I jumped online to read the full list. In case you missed it, see Sheridan earned six awards in total:

• Best Place to Live Like an Old West Cowboy — Sheridan — Editor’s Choice

• Best Promotion of a Historic Place — Sheridan — Reader’s Choice

• Best Western History Book Store — Sheridan Stationery Books and Gallery — Reader’s Choice

• Best Preservation of a Historic Western Building — Historic Sheridan Inn — Editor’s Choice

• Best Heritage Hotel — Historic Sheridan Inn — Reader’s Choice

• Best Chuck Wagon Show & Supper — Big Horn Heritage Days — Reader’s Choice

The categories that make up the rest of the list are a kick — Best Western Bootmaker, Best Cowboy Action Pistol, Best Western Movie Collection. It’s unlikely you’ll find a similar list anywhere else.

We should all be proud of Sheridan’s recognition by the magazine and its readers.




The Associated Press published an article this week called “Fine dining or fast food? Eating’s better in Power Five.” The article explored how much colleges and universities spend on dining options on campus for athletes.

The story says Nebraska will spend $3.3 million this year on athlete nutrition, which includes funding for a director of food service, executive chef, registered sports dietitian and three assistants and more than a dozen other staffers.

Akron will spend less than $100,000 on athlete nutrition, most of that for feeding athletes when campus dining services are closed. 

The University of Wyoming, “led the Mountain West Conference in nutrition spending at $900,000 last year, three times more than in 2014-15, and has hired two nutritionists,” according to the AP article.

I remember the dining options on campus when I went to school. They ranged from ultra-healthy to fried and horribly unhealthy — but delicious. We had a food court style facility, as well as multiple dining halls that served buffet style. Salad bars were always an option, but so was unlimited soft-serve ice cream.

Athletes certainly never went hungry. Some, as I recall, would spend all of Saturday and Sunday mornings in the dining halls, grazing over several hours, studying and socializing. 




In addition to the news, I recently finished Dan Brown’s “Origin.” It was a quick, entertaining read. If you’re familiar with Brown’s work, you’ll know the fiction piece again features Robert Langdon in a tangle that involves religion, politics and violence.

Next up on the reading list — “All the Light We Cannot See.” I’m a fan of historical novels and historical nonfiction but find myself especially drawn to World War II as a topic.  

And, of course, among the books sits a stack of magazines. Lately, I’ve enjoyed Outside and Backpacker magazines, mostly because I’m dreaming of summer treks in the Bighorns. 

Is it summer yet?