Feeding children this holiday season

Re: Work of The Food Group

How many kids do you think go hungry on the weekends and throughout the week? There are more than there should be. Childhood hunger is a problem in Sheridan County. There is hope, though, for these kids. The Food Group is trying to reduce the amount of hungry kids in our community, but they can’t do it alone. Support The Food Group this holiday season because they want to decrease childhood hunger, and what they do wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Childhood hunger is a problem because when kids are hungry in their first years, they lack some of the skills they should have when they enter kindergarten such as social, emotional and cognitive skills. The higher the levels of hunger the more they were affected. According to John Cook, lead scientist at Boston Medical Center’s Children’s Health Watch, “It really highlights the range of effects that food insecurity can have on a child’s readiness to learn, which then sets the tone for their academic attainment, essentially for the rest of their school years.”

The Food Group wouldn’t be possible without help from the community because it is run entirely by volunteers. The 75 volunteers they have are all ages; anyone can help.

They even have a 3-year-old little boy that has the job of putting apples in the bags. If you can’t volunteer for packing the bags you can help by delivering the bags to places across town. You can also pick up the food or even donate money. Their annual budget is $185,000. All of that money comes from the community, none from the government. Almost all of it goes to buying the food. Lots of kids in the community depend on the food that their schools provide. Making sure these kids get the help they need to be healthy can only happen with your help.

In conclusion, you should support our local Food Group this holiday season because they strive to decrease childhood hunger in the community, and what they do to help these kids wouldn’t be possible without community help. If you want to try and stop hunger in this community we live in then step up, do your part and help The Food Group with this process. Imagine all the hungry kids. If it makes your heart break thinking about those children, then support The Food Group today.

Grace Hinton


Healing pets, people

Re: Dog and Cat Shelter

Imagine our community without animal shelters. Dogs would be abandoned and living on the side of the road with nobody to care for them. The Dog and Cat Shelter keeps animals from being abandoned and abused by their owners, and they care for the animals until they are adopted to a loving family. Support the Dog and Cat Shelter this holiday season because they not only help and heal animals, but they help and heal humans too.

The Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter heals strays that come in and helps their current animals find loving homes. According to www.aspca.org “48 percent of the dogs that enter shelters get adopted, and of the cats 50 percent are adopted.” But, there are still thousands of animals out there getting euthanized just to make room for the more desirable breeds. The Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter is a no-kill shelter and will not euthanize any dog or cat unless they are severely sick or injured beyond medical care. The shelter has limited kennel space, so instead of buying a brand new dog, stop by the shelter and help a dog or cat find their fur-ever family! Even if you don’t want a dog or cat, you can still donate financially. The shelter relies heavily on public donations for all of their office supplies, cleaning supplies and animal supplies.

Furthermore, our pets help us more than we think! According to www.webmd.com your dog may improve your health. How? “Dog owners walk more and have lower blood pressure…” Petting your dog or cat can lower your blood pressure, help you relax, and decrease stress. Pets, especially dogs can help you connect with other people. According to Alan Beck of Purdue University, “If I saw you walking down the street, I couldn’t comfortably start talking to you if I didn’t know you, but I could if you had a dog,” Beck says. According to the same research, dogs can also help people with disabilities, including those in wheelchairs and those with autism. People who have pets are generally happier, more trusting and less lonely than those who don’t have pets.

Clearly, pets give us many life benefits, and we give them a loving home that wouldn’t be possible without the Sheridan Dog and Cat Shelter. If adopting a pet is not in your future, please consider helping our local shelter financially this holiday season.

Cameron Cook



Homes for your neighbors

Re: Habitat for Humanity

What is your home to you? There are people out there who can’t answer this question simply because they don’t have a home of their own. Habitat for Humanity is what helps end this problem. They are a nonprofit organization. Support Habitat for Humanity this holiday season because they make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Habitat for Humanity has helped 131 children and 50 families here in the eastern Bighorns. They have also had 2,010 volunteers, but they are always looking for and accepting more. For instance, Christine Dieterich of Sheridan once said, “The experience of having complete strangers help you build a home was very humbling. I learned that I had a support group that was bigger than I thought, and it helped me see past where I was at that point of my life.” Christine was accepted at Habitat for Humanity and was once a preschool teacher without a college degree, after Habitat for Humanity helped her she got a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership. She also became a director of the preschool she was working at.

Habitat for Humanity tries to help everyone that they can. Tom Gipson the creator of Habitat for Humanity once said, “It’s all about the families and the huge difference it makes in their lives.” Everyone at Habitat for Humanity really does care about the people that they are helping. A little boy who once lived in a shelter with his mom was once asked, “What is the hardest thing about not having your own house?” He replied, “ Everything. Everything up in the shelter, I’m just saying everything.” Habitat for Humanity staff and volunteers are the ones who truly do care about little kids like this one. What Habitat is building is a better chance for tomorrow for people who need a home of their own. According to www.habitat.org since their founding in 1976 they have helped 13.2 million homeless people in the U.S. 

Clearly, Habitat for Humanity makes a huge difference in people’s lives. Habitat for Humanity is a organization that helps people build homes for an affordable price. This holiday season give someone the gift of a home.

Moray Ankney



Like a cup of hot chocolate

Re: Joey’s Foundation

Joey’s Foundation is like a cup of hot chocolate except better. When you drink a cup of hot chocolate you get a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you, this also happens when you donate to Joey’s. My name is Lamar Charlson and I am a sixth-grader and SJHS. Joey’s Foundation is an awesome opportunity to enhance someone’s life by just donating your money/time.

Joey’s Foundation is a place for kids to experience the opportunity of persevering through many different projects, such as fly tying and building fishing poles.You should donate to Joey’s this holiday season because you’re donation would impact lives for years to come, the donation stays local, and the money will be used wisely, not wasted.

Donating to Joey’s would impact lives for years to come. Every time you donate either time or money you let one more kid come in and enhance their lives for the future. Their lives get enhanced not only from the outdoor experience but the learning of the ecosystem of fish. Joey’s Foundation gets more than 100 donations a year, companies also donate to get their name in the community. Not only does the community donate money/time but Joey himself does. He donates his nonprofit organization along with his time so college students can come in and intern. The college students will then be able to go through college with a valuable internship experience.

Donations staying local means that when you donate money it’s not like it will be given all around the state. You’re money will stay right here in Sheridan. This does not mean that kids from around the world can’t take the class. You’re money will be used right here in Sheridan to enhance kid’s lives from all around the world. Not only will this money be spent on the classes for kids all around the world but this money is spent on a big event called Joey’s Fall Fly Fishing tournament. Find out more at http://joeysflyfishing.com.

In conclusion, you should donate to Joey’s Foundation because you’re donation would impact lives for years to come, the donation stays local, and the money will be used wisely. Donate to Joey’s Foundation and make someone’s life better, by just making a small donation.

Lamar Charlson



When you think of the Y

Re: Donations this holiday season

What comes to mind when you think of the YMCA? Recreation center? Camp? Well it’s actually much more than that. The YMCA is a place that runs multiple programs for the community. I believe that the YMCA deserves your support this holiday season because their programs promote health and wellbeing and give access to everyone regardless of financial ability.

First of all, the Y’s programs promote health and wellbeing. Some of the Y’s programs include swim lessons, healthy living, training and mind-body programs. These programs help kids and adults stay active and that leads to a healthier life. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Students who are physically active tend to have better grades, school attendance, cognitive performance (e.g., memory), and classroom behaviors (e.g., on-task behavior).” For example, When you take swim lessons at the YMCA you are not only getting healthier by being active, but you are also learning a skill that 54 percent of Americans don’t have. There are many more programs that the Y has to offer, and all of them can lead to a healthy, more active life.

Furthermore, the YMCA gives access to everyone regardless of financial ability. Imagine sitting alone at home when all of a sudden your friend knocks on your door. He asks you if you want to swim with him at the Y, and you are able to say yes thanks to the generous donations covering your membership. You go to the Y and make cherished memories. The YMCA’s annual “Give your Heart to a Child” fundraiser takes your donations and puts them toward covering the memberships of families who otherwise wouldn’t be able to enjoy what the Y has to offer, so everyone is able to use the YMCA. According to Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, “paper after paper after paper shows that the most effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise.” Without your donations this wouldn’t be possible, and many kids and adults would not be able to use the YMCA.

In conclusion, the YMCA should be supported because they allow everyone access, and its programs promote health and wellbeing. For some children, the YMCA is a home and the only place to be positively affected. The YMCA impacts our community by changing people’s lives. Please consider donating to the YMCA this season of giving.

Georgia Gould


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