BIRNEY, Mont. — The Diamond Cross Ranch in Birney, Montana, formerly owned by Forrest Mars Jr. sold to Heal Holdings LLC on Dec. 1. While other media outlets reported the buyer was associated with a company listed with the Florida secretary of state’s office and shares an address with Florida Prime Realty in Naples, Florida, The Sheridan Press confirmed the Florida-based company by that name was not the purchaser.

Erik Mogelvang, the manager of Heal Holdings LLC in Florida, told The Sheridan Press that particular limited liability company for which he is the manager, did not purchase the Diamond Cross Ranch in Montana.

There is a Heal Holdings LLC registered in Montana, according to Montana’s secretary of state website. The company’s postal address is listed in Belgium and Charlotte-Francoise Jacqueline de Mevius signed documents associated with the company.

De Mevius is listed as the president of the LLC, and the documents include a Belgian phone number.

A call to that number connects you to Praxis, which works for de Mevius’ other limited liability company, CHIL, based in Belgium. Praxis has offices in Antwerp, Belgium, and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sten Albertijn of Praxis said de Mevius did not want to comment and Albertijn would not confirm that the Heal Holdings LLC he worked for was in fact the purchaser.

De Mevius shares a last name with a family known to be partial owners of AB InBev.

AB InBev, which Bloomberg called the world’s biggest brewer earlier this month, controls brands such as Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, Modelo and others. AB InBev has more than 500 beer brands sold in more than 150 countries, according to the company website.

Attempts to confirm de Mevius’ link to the well-known European family, though, have also proven unsuccessful, though Ludwig Verduyn, an editor with the website The Richest Belgians and Actua TV in Belgium, published an article connecting Charlotte de Mevius to the beer-brewing family.

The registered agent for Heal Holdings LLC has a Helena, Montana, address, which shares an address with Smith Law Firm. A Smith Law Firm representative told The Sheridan Press the company was unable to share any information on Heal Holdings LLC and would not confirm that the Montana-based company was the purchaser of the ranch. Julia Moody, the daytime contact listed for de Mevius, works with the Corporation Service Company and also said she cannot disclose information without client consent.

The deed for the ranch purchase lists Heal Holdings LLC as a Delaware limited liability company. The Montana company’s documents list Delaware as the state where it was organized, and a Heal Holdings LLC registered with the Delaware secretary of state’s office recorded the same date of incorporation as the Montana-registered Heal Holdings LLC — March 24, 2016.

Bruce Garber, presiding broker over the Diamond Cross Ranch listing for Century 21 BHJ Realty, said he was contractually obligated not to share photos or any information regarding the sale of Diamond Cross Ranch.

The Diamond Cross Ranch sits in southeastern Montana, 45 miles northeast of Sheridan and 95 miles southeast of Billings, Montana, as the crow flies, the brochure said. The price listed with Century 21 was $64.8 million and spans 119,540 acres in total. The deed for the sale, acquired by The Sheridan Press from the Rosebud County, Montana, clerk and recorder’s office, did not include the final sale price. Deeded acreage totals 93,280, state-leased land totals 6,440 acres and the Bureau of Land Management spans 19,820 acres of the total land.

The Century 21 brochure said the ranch has numerous stock water and irrigation water right claims, filed in accordance with Montana’s adjudication and permitting requirements.